6'3' 2020 Cameron Hayes
Team CP3 16s (Smith HS)

Hayes is a high level point guard. So smooth, he has all the tools in the bag. Hayes has great lift and touch on his jump shot, his middle game is effortless going left or right and he was able to get downhill with great pace and explosion finishing with both hands. Hayes is an elite level prospect and should be thought about on the national level with the highest level coaches watching his games.


6'1' 2019 Demauriea Nickelson
Team ENC (Seventy-First HS)

Nickelson is a junk yard dog on the court. An athletic guard, he plays an aggressive style on both ends of the floor that helps him produce at a high level. In his final game of the event he scored 32 points and did so making 3s and attacking the basket. He is a tough defender, both on the ball and on the wings and he rebounds well. Just a tough, hard-nosed player who makes winning plays throughout the course of a game.


6'4' 2020 Lemario Wilkerson Jr
NC Empire (Southern Durham HS)

Wilkerson experienced a breakout at last week's NC Phenom 150 exposure camp. This week, he followed that up finishing this event Top 10 in scoring overall. Wilkerson is an explosive lefty who is able to get downhill with great pace and burst and he finished well at (and above) the rim. Wilkerson shot the ball well at all levels and has the look of a future D1 prospect.

6'2' 2020 Luke Stankavage
Team Loaded NC 16s (Ardrey Kell HS)

Stankavage can flat out shoot the lights out of the ball. He plays so well within himself, knowing his role and getting directly to his spots. He scored the ball well, was able to get to the rim when the floor was spread and finish craftily around the rim. Stankavage was the game MVP and scored 15 points in their final game against the Carolina Wolves NC. Very interesting player and one who continues to get better with each outing.


6'6' Unsigned Senior Khyrie Thompson
High Point Havoc (Wesleyan Christian)

Thompson is a long and rangy prospect who showed a swiss army knife of skills this weekend. He did a great job scoring around the basket and drawing contact. Thompson also showed ball skills as he rebounded the ball and pushed the break and he showed touch with range beyond the 3-point arc. His father was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers after a career at NC State, Thompson was incredibly productive on both ends. He rebounded at a high rate, was Top 5 in scoring and he was excellent defender.


6'1' Unsigned Senior Tai Giger
Carolina Raptors (Carolina Day School)

What a good weekend for Giger. Always a scorer, who could shoot the stipes off the ball, Giger showed the ability here to be a true point guard. He showed a great pace on the ball and he showed the ability to distribute to get his teammates involved. He was top 10 in the event in scoring and showed the ability to do so at each level.