After three weeks of the live period, players still somehow fall under the radar. Fortunately there was a sideline filled with college coaches watching. Here is a listing of players who D1 coaches should be all over. When we say all over, we mean 5-10 D1 offers and a battle of programs with these guys as top players on boards.

You win games in the MEAC, SoCon, Big South, Patriot, Ivy, SWAC and others with these players.

6'8' 2019 Trey Barber
Higher Level (VA) 17s

Barber's game is the way basketball is heading. He is a tweener forward who can knock down the corner 3, defend multiple positions and protect the rim. Tonight he showcased his ability to rebound in traffic as well. It is astonishing that lows and mids are not camping out at every one of his games, but the school who goes on him will be getting a player. An All Defensive type who stretches the floor and wins a ton of games. Let's see who goes in on him.

6'7' 2019 Marlow Gilmore
Columbia Hoyas (SC) 17s

Gilmore is a noted athlete, however just that phrase does not begin to describe how far above the rim he is. We are talking eyes at the rim stuff. Gilmore has Defensive Player of the Year type of upside in a mid major D1 conference. He is also a guy who will probably end up competing in the college basketball dunk contest, freakish bounce. However, what goes most unnoted in his game is his passing ability. Hoyas do a great job of lining Gilmore up across the floor and running offense through him. He delivers on time and to the right guy every time. Gilmore also showcased a jump shot today, 2-2 from 18 feet and out. He continues to make plays and showcased a skill set that should have mids and more watching.

5'11' 2019 Crosby James
Upward Stars Columbia (SC) 17s

Over the past week, James has become a hot commodity among high level D2s. That is rightfully so, these are the programs who pick up the guys who fall through the D1 cracks and then beat D1 programs regularly. James is that kind of player, a tough nosed guard who can really defend and really create plays. He touches the paint often, is very strong at the point of attack and showcased above the rim explosion tonight. James, the starting point guard for South Carolina defending state 4A Champion, is a winner. D1s'!

6'10' 2019 David Elien
Team Stacked (NC) 2019

This one is puzzling. Kudos to UNC-Pembroke here, they saw it clearly. However, the fact Elien does not have more offers is just beyond us. This kid has EVERYthing that one would want in a big man. He is long, he runs the floor very well, he is coordinated and athletic, he has touch from 18 feet, he has very strong hands. Already he is a very strong 2-handed rebounder (both in and out of area or in traffic) and a natural shot blocker. He has only been playing basketball for a couple of years and the very high academic big is already taking college courses. Again, what is there not to like to not have 10+ scholarships lined up.

**This may be a player where you see numerous schools offer after the live period, one they try and keep under wraps so the second they offer, more schools don't immediately go out and see him.

6'4' 2019 Jett Fortuny
WCBA Blue (NC) 17s

Immediately, walking on the floor, you label Fortuny as a shooter. He is SO much than that. Fortuny showcased his ability to create his shot off the bounce. He gets to his spots from the wing and he is able to attack the basket and finish through contact. A true Division 1 shooting guard, Fortuny showed his ability to move his feet and defend the ball tonight. He is a lock to score 20 every time out, such a tough kid, Fortuny wins games and becomes a folk hero at low major schools. We have seen this story before.