6'5' 2020 Tee Bryan
Virginia All Stars (VA) 2020

Bryan has always been a defensive stopper. His length and athleticism allow him to guard multiple position, up and down the line up. Here he showed the ability to make plays offensively. He lined up across the floor and showed some good stuff off the bounce. Really like his prospects as a D1 caliber two-way wing who can make plays.

6'2' 2022 Jack McErlean
Groundwork (NC) 15s

McErlean is a pure shooter. He has great length and gets his shot of quickly with range. He showed the ability to pass the ball well, showing a nice game IQ and played some on the ball as well. Playing up here, it will be very interesting to see how he progresses as he moves into college.

6'3' 2022 Justin Taylor
Team Loaded CVA (VA) 15s

It doesn't take long to see the incredible upside here. For this team he played the point guard role, getting his team into sets. Moving ahead his position is more off the ball as a wing. He has a smooth looking shot with comfort at all three levels. He is a tough shot maker, creator and his coaches rave about his work ethic. He made a lot of plays here.

6'7' 2019 Michael Caprise
Team Loaded CVA (VA) 17s

Talk about a work horse who gets things done, all Caprise did was make winning plays. He finished everything around the paint, showcasing a great work ethic to get open. He knows where he is at on the floor and has easy touch from 18 feet and in. A high academic player, he is one that Patriot and Ivys should take a look at.

6'3' 2021 Cohen Gaskins
TMP Elite (SC) 15s

Gaskins has great size and is very skilled. He shoots the ball with great range and effortless release. He stands on defense because he is active and vocal. His skill set is well beyond his years and he scores it at each level. Very skilled, will be fun to watch as he continues to progress.

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