Some of the best middle school players from around the region participated in Phenom’s Queen City Middle School Showcase this past weekend. There were so many standout performances and we have talked a lot about the 8th graders so we wanted to take a little time and talk about some of the 7th grade standouts from the event

5’4” 2023 Bryson Heath
CB Hoops 13u
Heath plays with the utmost confidence and shoots the ball with deep range. He is a solid ball handler and competes as a natural leader, very vocal on the floor. He was able to get open, with his feet set, throughout the entirety of the event. As he continues to grow, continue to monitor his development.

6’1” 2023 Elijah Strong
Charlotte Dragons 13u
Strong has good size and a very intriguing skill set. He was one of the taller players in each game he played, but he also was able to handle the ball and shoot it with range. Numerous times Strong gathered the rebound and pushed the break to finish. It will be interesting to monitor his development moving forward, there is no denying what he did in this event.

6’ 2023 Parker Davis
Tournament Time 13u
Davis has good size and, like a lot of the players on his Tournament Time team, he has good ball skills and a developed skill set. Davis was able to play three positions in this event, showing his best with the ball in his hands on the wing.

5’10 2023 Trey Green
Team United 14u
Green played up an age group and showed that he belonged there. He was smaller and less developed physically than others on the floor, but his skill set shone through. He handled the ball with great flare, but controlled, he shot the ball with range and he played with great confidence throughout. He was fun to watch.