When you get so much talent in one place it is a cesspool for competition. The players everyone knows are trying to maintain their status as the unknowns are coming right at them. The unknowns are out here to make a name for themselves and some of them are able to do just that

Check out the standouts from the second half of the day.

6'5' 2019 Asanti Price
Team Vision 17s

Welcome to the show Price. The lengthy and skilled Price has all the tools you want in a Division 1 prospect. He has range and touch that extends beyond the 3-point line. He has a nice handle as a secondary and is an efficient wing. D1s need to put their eyes on him in April.

6'8' 2020 Cam Stitt
Team CP3 16s

It is easy to get intoxicated by his length and the easy fluidity, but once the game starts going, Stitt has all the tools. Your modern day tweener forward who is able to defend, run the floor and handle it in transition. A high major kid, his summer should see college coaches come around.

6'4' 2019 Tyler Dearman
NC Top Flight

Dearman has good size and he brought out the flame thrower today. In his second game of the day, he finished the game with 36 points on 9 made threes. It was an offensive onslaught for the long armed guard. Eager to see what he does for the rest of the Summer holds for him.

6'7'2019 Brice Williams
Team Loaded 704

The light has come on for Williams. Already carrying two Division 1 offers (Charlotte and Lafayette). Williams is a long and strong wing, he gets downhill from the wing and he scores the ball at every level. Expect a blow up this summer, lots of offers coming.

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