This time of year is exciting. You have a mixture of current juniors trying to make a name for themselves as they carve their own path. You also have unsigned seniors who are still trying to finish their stories. Both are competing hard so their futures are set.

This weekend’s Phenom Opening, Session 1 and Session 2, have a great mixture of both these types of players. Baller TV will be there to live stream the event and send out to college coaches across the country.

Session 1 Live Stream Link
Session 2 Live Stream Link

Watch Closely

6’8” Bryson Price
Carolina Wolves NC (Draughn HS)

Price was a productive player last year, but this year he is better. Down 50 pounds already, the 6’8” forward has volleyball line range. He has a quick release and is a great passer from the high post area. The weight loss has added to his explosion and his ability to move his feet, already on D1 boards, he should shoot up to multiple offers at this point. Carolina Wolves NC will play on Saturday for Session 1.

6’5” Corey Rutherford
High Point Havoc (Winston Salem Prep)

Rutherford has great size, you see that when he walks onto the floor. Almost immediately, once the ball is tipped, you see that Rutherford can flat out shoot the ball. He was a key figure in Winston Salem Prep’s State championship run, making 50 3s and shooting 43% from beyond the arc. Rutherford flew under the radar to this point however, however he has found something with this program and is on a mission. High Point Havoc will play on Sunday for Session 2.

6’6” Khyrie Thompson
High Point Havoc (Wesleyan Christian)

Thompson has a great frame, he is long and he is a good athlete with broad shoulders. He has great bloodlines as his father was drafted by the Trailblazers in 1993. Khyrie, in his own right, is a player. He is a relentless rebounder and does a great job with deflections. He shoots the ball well with his feet set, and gets to the free throw line often. Thompson is a high academic player and found a niche with this High Point Havoc team. There is no denying his instant 20 and 10 production. High Point Havoc will play on Sunday for Session 2.

6’4” Johnathan McFall
WNC Wildcats (Rabun Gap)

McFall is a high-level athlete, possibly considered elite even. He is a blur in transition and has the ability, out of nowhere, to put a hurting on the rim. McFall is already a very good defender, able to guard on and off the ball, with a chance to get even better in college. Playing in April will certainly turn scholarship coach’s heads. That should start this weekend. The WNC Wildcats will play on Sunday for Session 2.

6’8” Anthony Flagler
Team Vision (Eau Claire HS)

If you were able to design a basketball player, it would look very similar to Flagler. He is 6’8” with a 7’+ wing span. He is very athletic as a run a jump guy, has natural timing when defending the rim and his range expands beyond the 3-point line. Flagler is newer to basketball, but he has the toughness that lets you know he will succeed. Like the rest of these guys, his game has continued to improve greatly over the last year. Offers should be coming this April as he is seen and schools want to wrap him up quickly. Team Vision will play on Saturday for Session 1