Phenom's Open Gym Tour
Day 3

Hargrave Military
Chatham, VA

Every year we make a stop by Hargrave Military because they always just restock with talent. This will be year two of the Lee Martin regime, as the previous two coaches Kevin Keatts and Aw Hamilton have gone on to become the respective head coaches at NC State and Eastern Kentucky.

Martin has kept this baby rolling. With Wake Forest and Samford joining us baseline here is our FIVE TO KNOW on the day

1. 6'6' Jeremiah Davenport
What a day it was for Davenport, looking like a Top 50 type player in the country. The well built and explosive power wing type showed the ability to defend multiple positions and create offense from the top. He is a strong player who could flip between the big wing and the small ball four type at the next level and has the look of someone who could end up as an All-Conference type by years 3 and 4. Davenport played at Moeller High School in Cincinnati and was formerly committed to Wright State, he has the look of a sure-fire Power 5 type after this prep year.

2. 6'8' Mickey Pearson
Pearson's game looks to be exactly the way basketball is going these days. A skilled 4 man who could possibly step out in situations and play as a stretch 5. Pearson is long and explosive, he did a great job blocking shots and rebounding as well. He lacks the burst to consistently get by 3s at the next level, but lined up against 4s and sometimes 5s he has the ball skills to stretch them out and get by consistently. He is a pick and pop threat with a high release on his jump shot and he has great footwork and body control on the block. Pearson was formerly committed to St Louis, and if he commits to playing in this 4/5 role, the Alabama native will be a Power 5 steal.

3. 6' Giovanni Santiago
There are some players who just walk out on the floor and you can tell think the game differently from everyone else. Santiago is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. He was the starting PG for the U18 Puerto Rican National Team and put 17 points on the USA team in the FIBA Americas. Santiago has the ball on a string and incredible court vision. His jump shot is pure and he gets it at every level. A true point guard who makes everyone on the floor better. Boise State, North Texas, etc'have shown a lot of interest and that level seems to fit him just fine.

4. 6'8' Davonte Gaines
Gaines, a Buffalo native, is a commitment to Tennessee. The lefty has an intriguing skill set, with great length and good ball skills On any other team, he may be the best player, but on this day he was matched up with both Pearson and Davenport who just out played him. He is coming off of an ankle sprain, so it may have not been his best. He has deft shooting touch and knows his game, only using one or two dribbles max. His high release allows him to get his shot off relatively easy. He has the look of a true wing at the next level and as he continues to add weight, his skill set really pops as for someone who will play his best basketball 2 to 3 years down the road. Keep and eye close here.

5. 6'5' Tyler Nelson
Nelson is a Navy commit, and boy did they swoop in and grab one. A qualifier out of Charlotte, NC it is a wonder that 12 of the 18 D1 programs in North Carolina weren't all over him. Nelson has the look of a player who will contribute day 1 at Navy and end up All-Conference for multiple years. He is an explosive wing with great touch and a good handle. He finished at and above the rim in traffic and was able to push the break as well as reset the offense as a secondary ball handler. Very intriguing player and one who Navy swooped up and stole. Great day for him and look for his senior year to be one that has everyone scratching their heads, wondering how he fell through the cracks.