Team 4

Coach Morris


#4:5’10 ’20 Stephen Minor (Winston-Salem Prep)

Starting things off, we look at a player that looks increasingly likely to have a big-time senior campaign, Stephen Minor. He’s a slightly undersized point guard prospect with a nice blend of IQ, skill, and athleticism. Minor is pretty strong for his size and shows no issue getting by opponents, which allows him to enter the paint and make plays with regularity. He outworked his assignment and displayed a team-first mentality on both ends of the floor, which is part of what made him such a notable leader. Minor is a capable shooter from all levels, but typically prefers to penetrate and finish around the basket. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would make him a more useful offensive threat. Coach Morris on Minor: “Stephen is a true floor general. He has great speed and a very quick first step. Stephen has the ability to make others better and leads his teammates by example and communication. He has a really good skillset and will continue to improve.” Minor has a strong two-way showing at camp and could be a breakout candidate during the next calendar year, especially if he continues to work.


#16:6’0 ’21 Cole Sinclair (Durham Academy)

Next, we look at a player that has consistently showcased the ability to thrive with any group of teammates, Cole Sinclair. He’s a strong-bodied point guard prospect with natural playmaking instincts and an excellent all-around feel for the game. Sinclair is a three-level scorer that can generate shots for himself or others with relative ease, which allows him to actively toggle between either backcourt position. He is truly capable of adapting to various different roles based on surrounding personnel and can guard two to three positions effectively at the high school level. Sinclair utilizes his body well to secure rebounds, push transition play, and finish strong through contact. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his off-ball movement, as it would allow him to become an even deadlier spot-up threat. Coach Morris on Sinclair: “Cole is a really strong guard with a good build. He shoots the ball with ease and quickness. Cole plays strong defense and makes it tough on others to guard him. He has a good skillset and is an overall good player!” Sinclair is already so mature for his age and should only continue trending upward, especially if he maintains his current two-way mentality.


#32:6’5 ’20 Jordan Williams (Ben L. Smith)

Moving onto a player that worked well within the team concept while showcasing his abilities as a glue-guy, Jordan Williams. He’s a big, strong wing prospect that is able to do whatever is asked of him on either end of the floor. Williams is able to score effectively on all three levels, but typically operates as a spot-up threat along the perimeter. He’s a smart player that doesn’t force the action and looks to make the right play whenever possible. Williams possesses a useful motor and an abundance of physical tools, which allows him to regularly make hustle plays and fill in the gaps without necessarily needing offensive touches. Next in his development process is working on his overall shooting consistency on a night-to-night basis, as his contributions will be a major factor in the Golden Eagles’ success. Coach Morris on Williams: “Jordan is a do-it-all wing! He has a big body but moves like a deer. Jordan is light on his feet and able to create his own shot. He has a good skillset and will continue to get better. Jordan is a good player!” Williams is a quality role player on any team and should definitely emerge as a college-level prospect within these next few months.


#51:6’3 ’22 Jaden Bradley (Cannon)

Continuing onto a player that has built the foundation and reputation as one of the most elite prospects in state, Jaden Bradley. He’s a wiry point guard prospect that possesses all the essential tools necessary to be a high-level floor general. Bradley is quick, smart, athletic, and has terrific size for his position, which allows him to frequently mix things up on either end of the floor. He’s a phenomenal penetrator and playmaker with an excellent midrange and constantly improve three-point stroke. Bradley is already regularly dominating opponents on both ends of the floor and looks likely to continue trending upward. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength to his wiry frame, as it’ll only make him more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Morris on Bradley: “Mr. Bradley! This kid is very good! I can’t say enough good things about the way he plays the game. He no-doubt will get paid one day to run an NBA team. I know he’s just a freshman. He has an advanced skillset, great change of speed, quality jumper, plays above the rim, and makes others better. He’s the only kid that I had others asking to play with on the court. Jaden is a great kid and future pro!” Bradley enjoyed an exceptional showing at camp and secured the Mr. Playmaker award in terrific fashion.


#53:6’3 ’22 Julius Reese Jr. (Glenn)

Next, we look at a player that showcased an extremely well-rounded skillset throughout his time at camp, Julius Reese Jr. He’s a guard prospect with an excellent blend of IQ, motor, skill, and two-way intensity. Reese possesses nice size and utilizes it well on both ends of the floor, attacking the basket on offense and welcoming physical play on defense. He shows no fear of any opponent and displays a terrific understanding of his skillset and how to apply it within the team concept. Reese is a terrific cutter, leader, playmaker, and all-around threat in transition, which makes him an incredibly strong teammate that can thrive with any supporting cast. Next in his development process is working on the emergence of his back to the basket game, as it would allow him to truly punish smaller guards around the basket. Coach Morris on Reese: “Julius is a ball of energy that plays the game at a high level. His motor is always on go and he is a great vocal teammate. Julius can get to the rim and finish through contact. I’m looking forward to watching Julius over the next few years. He’s a good player!” Reese had a dominant freshman campaign but should be able to carry that into the upcoming summer season and start gaining the interest of various college coaches.


#62: 6’4 ’21 Bryce Alfino (Davidson Day)

Moving onto a player that stood out among the top two-way performers on display, Bryce Alfino. He’s a strong, athletic wing prospect with IQ, size, and a phenomenal motor, which already makes him extremely appealing for college coaches. Alfino is an efficient three-level scorer that can operate with or without the ball and always find success. He’s an intense, versatile defender that can actively switch across three to four positions at the high school level. Alfino is the type of player that every coach should want, as he consistently brings it on both ends of the floor and leads by example in the process. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to create for himself, as it’ll allow him to become the primary offensive option on any team. Coach Morris on Alfino: “Bryce is easily one of the top sophomores in the state! He has it all. Bryce has a great skillset, high motor, quality size, and can light it up from beyond the arc. His combination of size, speed, and strength makes it tough for opponents to guard him or get past him. Bryce can play either guard position and succeed. He was one of my favorite players to see today. He’s a high-level kid!” Alfino is already such an all-around menace for the opposition to deal with, which is a big part of how he secured the Mr. Station award at camp.


#83: 6’6 ’22 DJ Nix (Cannon)

Continuing onto a player that currently sits at an incredible crossroads between productivity and long-term potential, DJ Nix. He’s a strong, athletic, physically-advanced forward prospect that possesses an abundance of tools on both ends of the floor. Nix has the ability to overwhelm almost any type of opponent with his pretty well-rounded scoring arsenal. He can post-up, penetrate with the ball in his hands, cut without the ball, score from midrange, and even knock down the occasional three-pointer. Nix is a monster rebounder that positions himself exceptionally well on both ends of the floor. He’s already an excellent defensive player with terrific footwork and the ability to contain three positions at the high school level. Next in his development process is working to become a reliable threat from beyond the arc, as it would make him virtually unstoppable on offense. Coach Morris on Nix: “Derrick is a man-child! He has great length and size for his age. He plays hard and finishes above the rim with ease. Derrick blocks shots and has a nice touch on the perimeter. He is able to defend all five positions on the floor and does so with high effort. He is and will be talked about a lot more in the coming years. He’s a good kid!” Nix is going to emerge as a high-level prospect sooner or later, but college coaches should begin laying the groundwork with the two-way forward.


#92: 6’6 ’20 Traymond Willis-Shaw (Westover)

Next, we look at a player that has the chance to enjoy a breakout senior campaign, Traymond Willis-Shaw. He’s an incredibly long, wiry forward/post prospect that can actively toggle between three positions on either end of the floor. Willis-Shaw is smart, unselfish, and does an excellent job of operating within the team concept. He showed three-level scoring ability throughout camp and utilized his length quite well when attacking the basket and looking to finish through contact. Willis-Shaw is a versatile defender that can cause problems for opponents with his motor and pristine positioning. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his three-point consistency, as he will be able to take advantage of any opponent with relative ease. Coach Morris on Willis-Shaw: “Traymond is a smooth, long, double-double machine. He runs the court with grace, speed, and flies all over the floor. Traymond rebounds out of his area and covers a lot of ground with his long legs. He has a great midrange touch and finishes around the rim with strong persistence. He’s a good player!” Willis-Shaw is an appealing prospect that has only gotten better throughout the last year, so it’ll be exciting to monitor his recruitment going forward.


#114: 6’9 ’21 Jacori Owens (Hickory Grove)

Moving onto a player that showcased an impressive array of two-way tools during his time at camp, Jacori Owens. He’s a fairly strong post prospect that can pass, score, and rebound, but doesn’t require offensive touches to make an impact. Owens operates well from the post and is capable of finishing strong with either hand or playing above the rim. He displayed signs of a quality midrange shot and could become a useful three-point shooter with continued work. Owens rebounds effectively on both sides of the ball and runs the floor with purpose. He protects the rim pretty well and does a great job of altering shots without fouling. Next in his development process is working on his ability to penetrate, as he’s athletic enough to take advantage of slower opposing big men along the perimeter. Coach Morris on Owens: “Jacori has a soft touch around the rim and will tee-up from deep if opponents give him space. He has a nice first step to keep defenders honest. He’s a skilled, new age power forward that can play inside or out. Jacori plays good help-side and off-ball defense and can start the break for his team. He has a nice skillset!” Owens enjoyed a quality showing at camp and has all the necessary tools to become a high-level prospect, especially with continued work.


#120:6’11 ’20 Jaylon Gibson (Grace Christian)

Finishing up, we look at a player that has just recently begun to truly scratch the surface of his long-term potential, Jaylon Gibson. He’s a very long, wiry post prospect with an unbelievable amount of skill and poise. Gibson is already a high-level rebounder and rim-protector, but many folks fail to recognize his unique offensive abilities. He possesses great touch with either hand around the basket and can certainly play above the rim, but his ball-handling, vision, and overall level of craftiness (especially in transition) seem to get overlooked. Gibson operates within the team concept and looks to make the right play whenever possible. Next in his development process is simply continuing to add strength, as he possesses the necessary skillset to be an extremely high-level player at the next level. Coach Morris on Gibson: “Jaylon is a walking stat-stuffer! He plays with a high motor and changes the game because of his energy level. He has a great skillset and soft touch from the outside. He can defend all positions on the floor and moves with ease from end to end. Jaylon has the chance to be a high-level player once his college days are over. He’s humble, coachable, and a winner in all aspects. How could someone so skilled still want to get better? Jaylon is a great human being and also measured at seven-feet tall at the combine.” Gibson is still in the process of blossoming into a star, but looks ready to make that next leap and establish himself as a special prospect, so his inevitable blow-up is likely on the way.