Phenom’s Next Level Ladies Showcase
Team Recaps

Team 4 (Coach Gray)


#24 5’6” 2018 Laya Young of Carlisle School (Ridgeway, VA)
Young showed a great ability and willingness to be coached. She showed the ability to get into the paint and score around the rim. Young is also a very good defender who sees the floor well. Young’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Laya is a good point guard with good shooting ability. She showed the ability to penetrate and score from the inside-out. Laya is a good on the ball defender and has the ability to be a game-changer on the offensive end.”

#28 5’7” 2019 Alana Brown of Heritage High School (Wake Forest, NC)
Brown came into camp with a great attitude and displayed a high basketball IQ. She showed the ability to defend the ball as well as get into the paint with great vision. Brown’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Alana is a solid guard who can play both guard positions. She showed toughness with a willingness to defend the 1 through 4 on defense. Alana was able to score effectively in the mid range and shot the 3 ball very well. She is a great teammate and was able to get her teammates involved through passes and screens.”

#43 5’8” 2019 Karina Mitchell of Mallard Creek HS (Charlotte, NC)
Mitchell gave great effort throughout the day. She displayed an ability to handle the ball and a quick first step in getting downhill and into the paint. Mitchell’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Katrina showed the ability to penetrate with strong move to the basket. She has great length and athleticism and is a great hustler on both ends of the floor.”

#45 5’8” 2019 Jaidyn Winfield of Dinwiddie HS (North Dinwiddie, VA)
Winfield displayed a great attitude and willingness to be coached throughout the camp. She had good ball handling and passing skills to go with quickness defending the ball. Winfield’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Jaidyn has the ability, athletically, to change the tempo of a game. She works very hard on the defensive end and ran the floor very well.”

#50 5’9” 2019 India Sturdivant of Academy (Greensboro, NC)
Sturdivant showed a great attitude to go along with a great concept of team play. Sturdivant showed great quickness and ability to get into the paint where she displayed a crafty way of finishing at the rim and in the mid-range. Sturdivant’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “India is a good overall basketball player. She penetrates toward the basket very well. India worked very hard on defense, both on and off the ball.”

#51 5’9” 2018 Kayla Trotter of Apex Friendship (Apex, NC)
Trotter displayed a great attitude and ability to play within a team concept. She had an advanced skill set with her back to the basket to go with good vision and ability to find open spots, moving off the ball. Trotter’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Kayla is an undersized power forward who works really hard, on the block, on both sides of the ball. She displayed polished post moves and ability with her back to the basket.”

#52 5’9” 2018 Shelby Wolfe of Cherokee HS (Cherokee, NC)
Wolfe displayed a high level basketball IQ to go along with great effort and team play. She was a very good team defender to go along with a good quickness and the ability to rebound on both ends of the floor. Wolfe’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Shelby is a great team basketball player. She is a great defensive player all around. Shelby was able to defend multiple positions. She has a high level basketball IQ. Really showed a blue collar work ethic and was the best defensive player on the team.”

#64 6’ 2018 Dakota Thompson of Village Christian (Raeford, NC)
Thompson showed a great attitude and effort throughout the camp. She showed to be a very good passer with good vision across the floor. Thompson’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Dakota is a great team mated who works hard to get other players involved in the game. She sets great screes for her guards and plays tough on the inside, on the defensive end of the floor.”

#72 6’1” 2018 Kristan Wall of Spring Valley HS (Columbia, SC)
Wall showed a great willingness to be coached throughout the camp. She has great ball handling skills to go with quickness and an ability to rebound. Wall played with great passion and used both hands equally well. Wall’s camp coach Coach Gray stated, “Kristan is a good basketball player with great ability to get into the paint. She was a defensive stopper for the team getting multiple blocks and steals in each game. He has a good shot release and very good ability to get into the paint with vision and ability to score.”