Phenom’s National Showcase Player Recaps
6’6” 2019 Max Farthing
Word of God (Raleigh, NC)

Shooters are going to shoot it. Shooting guard Max Farthing can flat out let it fly. He has the ultimate green light and for good reason he knocks them down effortlessly and routinely. In the opener against Orangeville Prep, Farthing went for 25 points on 7 made 3s.

Right now Farthing is sitting on a 4.3 GPA, a high academic student. He knows he is a shooter and plays to his strength watching film on guys like JJ Redick and Mike Dunleavy Jr. He is looking to find consistency in his game, but already competes at a very high level.

Right now Farthing carries no Division 1 offers, but he is in constant contact with the likes of Yale, College of Charleston and UNC Greensboro. Standing at his size with his ability to shoot the ball with consistency and range, the college will come salivating. Add in the 4.6 GPA and it’s only a matter of time.