Phenom’s Low Country Showcase
Team Preview Capsules

Anytime you are able to walk into a gym, spend the day, and see countless Division 1 players and some of the top teams across the region, that is a good day. January 6 at Porter Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina will have just that as Phenom’s Low Country Showcase will feature 10 teams, from across the region, who are filled with incredibly talented players and who will be making runs at state championships this year.

Fans need to make sure they fill the stands early as every game will be filled with high flying fun. College coaches need to make sure the get on the baseline as there are countless players to be stolen in this event.

Regardless, get out to Porter-Gaud and watch!


12 PM Oceanside Collegiate Vs. Christian Academy
130 PM Goose Creek Vs. Stall
3 PM First Baptist Vs. Aiken
430 PM Lakewood Vs. Garner
6 PM Porter Gaud Vs. Mt Zion

The Away Teams Preview Capsules
(Christian Academy of MB, Stall, First Baptist, Garner, Mt Zion)

Stall High School
(North Charleston, South Carolina)


6’3” junior Romello Grant
Grant has put up some unbelievable numbers to this point this year and his breakout is in full effect. Through his games 12 points he is averaging 24.5 Points, 13 rebounds and 2 steals per game. He is a tough and athletic player and one that college coaches need to start looking at very closely.

6’7” junior Seth Rivers
Rivers is a true paint and rim protector. Despite playing in a system that favors the guards, Rivers has found his role and goes about doing it at a high level. Through his team’s first 12 teams he is averaging 7 points, 9 boards and 5 blocks per game. Rivers is still growing both in size and in strength. With great hands and ability on the block, he is one college coaches around the region need to be watching closely.


6’ junior Jalen Bailey
While the coaches see Rivers and Grant is the one who gobbles up the stats, the straw who stirs Stall’s drink may be Bailey. He is a high-level defender who gets after you for the length of the court. He is a true 3-point threat and has a great handle and vision in the half court. He is averaging 13 points, 5 assists and 2 steals per game…like the others it is about time college coaches at the appropriate level peek in here.