6’1 ’20 Masyn Winningham
Interest: Tennessee Tech, Texas Wesleyan, Bryan College
Winningham will be a late bloomer, considering his father is 6-foot-9 and played professionally
overseas for seven years and he grew the same way. Willingahm is a two-way guard with a high
motor and leaves it all on the floor. One of the top 2020 shooters in the state.

6’3 ’20 Alex Garrett
Garrett is a great competitor with a strong body. He’s a skilled player that seems to do it all, able
to finish around the basket and can knock down jumpers from various spots.

6’2 ’20 Paxton Payne
Interest: Tenn Tech and several NAIA’s
Payne is another two-way player with a high motor. He’s a great defensive player and has a
knack of just putting the ball in the basket off of hustle plays.

6’1 ’20 Peyton West
Interest: TennTech and Several NAIA’s
West is a smart, high IQ basketball player who is the son of a coach. He plays the game the right
way, sees the floor well, and can scores from various places on the floor.