While Phenom’s JMac Showcase is bringing in some of the countries top talent, the hundreds of coaches sitting on the baseline provide a major platform for players who don’t have as much (or any) offers.

Here is a look at some players who showed out on night one who have one or less offers, that deserve D1s to really take a hard look their way.

6’6” 2019 Tyler Harris
Upward Stars Charlotte

Harris passes the look test, with a lengthy and rangy body. His versatility is his calling card on the floor with the ability to defend across the floor and rebound from any area on the court. He has a good handle, able to initiate offense and act as a secondary ball handler. He can also attack from the mid range, the wing or act as a rim running big. A lot to like here with productivity through the roof.

6’4” 2019 Quentin Thomas
Upward Stars Charlotte

By halftime, you have noticed Thomas on the floor. He has a very loud presence on the floor with not only his play style but also his vocal nature. He plays well above the rim, is an absolute terror point of attack defender. There is something about a guy who does nothing but make winning plays, Thomas does just that.

5’11” 2019 Dakari Johnson
NC Red Storm

Johnson is a qualified 2018 prospect who is looking to take a post grad year. In a matchup last night against Caleb Mills it doesn’t need to go unnoticed that Johnson got busy as well. He kept pace with Mills, finishing with 25 points. Johnson can flat our make plays. He scores the ball and has a great handle. A sure-fire target for Division 1 programs.

6’4” 2019 Asanti Price
Team Vision NC

Price has incredible length and one of the prettiest jump shots you have seen. He has the ability to create offense off the bounce and is a solid secondary ball handler. A lot of intrigue comes from Price because he is only 16 years old. Right now he has no offers, that is something that should change, this is a classic case where production meets projection to show an incredibly bright future.

6’4” 2019 Demarcus Johnson
Mooresville Magic

Johnson is the only player on this list who lists an offer, Appalachian St. Over the last two weeks he played up to that offer, looking off the charts. He has an incredible projectable frame with great explosion. He plays with great pace on the ball and has the ability to finish at every level. Upside as defender, a player who plays very well in the half court and creates offense. It is perplexing why he doesn’t have 5-10 D1 offers at this point.

6’10” 2019 David Elien
Team Stacked

As the old saying goes, you cannot teach 6’10”. Elien has great length on an incredibly projectable frame. He has great hands, he is a natural rim protector and is a strong 2-handed rebounder. Upside, upside upside. He is not a guy who will come in Day 1 and start, but he is a guy who by year 2 or 3 in the program could be an All-League type defender, who can score with touch and athleticism on the block. Elien is also an incredibly high academic.