When given this big of a platform, the known players step up to perform. However, when a stage is as big as the one provided by Phenom Hoops at Phenom’s 3G Showcase, there can also be players who you don’t expect to really shine. Breakouts are a wonderful part of travel basketball …

Here are some players who left Phenom’s 3G Showcase, firmly on the radar (college coaches, you should follow suit with these names) …

6’1” 2020 Nishawn Hodge
PSB Elite Brim

We had seen Hodge before, and we tracked his brother (Nilious, who went play at Newberry), however, this is the best we had seen him. Hodge has the look of a complete point guard, with all the goods you want. He has a sturdy and explosive (way above the rim) frame. He shoots the ball at a high clip, out to deep range. He handles the ball both in transition and in the half court and he makes great passes, on time and on point. Really, there was not much here he didn’t do as a pure PG. He was one of the better PGs in this entire event and is certainly one people should take note of moving forward.

6’3” 2021 Nick Green
Royal Knights 17s

While this was not our first viewing of Green, it was the first time we really focused in on him. What really opened our eyes to being with was his ability to really shoot the ball. He consistently knocked in 3-5 3s per game, en route to a championship win in this event. However, it was his poise on the ball and his ability to also initiate offense that really made us think this guy is a real prospect. Green is a shooting guard who can act as a secondary ball handler, he has great positional size and can really shoot/score the ball. A lot to like with what we saw this past weekend here and he is one who should be firmly placed on the radar.

6’8” 2022 David Tubek
The Renegades 17s

Playing with a new team, in a new role, it took Tubek about a half to get his sea legs under him. However, when he got right, it was clear to see the prospect within. Even when unsure of himself, he still rebounded and defended, in fact in the first game of the event, Tubek finished with 18 boards. The fact he is still figuring things out, with a new team, and playing up 2 age groups, and he is still able to go rebound like that is a great sign. As the event wore on, you saw Tubek get more comfortable, he handled the ball showcasing the ability to get downhill from the wing. He shot the three ball well and was a grab and go guy pushing the break. All the tools are there, and then when you find out the first time Tubek played organized basketball was 2 weeks ago, you realize this one has a chance to be a star. Keep watching closely.

6’6” 2020 Zach Shumate
Carolina Wolves NC

Shumate isn’t necessarily a breakout guy, but we needed to mention him here as the development in his game has been steep. Shumate has always been a tough guy, a good post defender, and rebounder, however, he showcased a slimmer, more bouncy frame at Phenom’s 3G. With that slim bounce, Shumate showcased a full menu of offensive firepower. He shot the 3 ball with great consistency when his feet were set. He finished on the block, with both hands, showcasing a go-to move and a counter. He also muscled his way through traffic and contact for numerous And-1s. Shumate’s game has gone to a completely new level, still rugged down low his offensive game is much more polished. Will be a target of many college programs moving forward.

6’6” 2020 Thomas Hailey
Carolina Defenders

We had heard of Hailey coming into this event, however, we had not seen him. While living in Charlotte, Hailey played for his local home school team. However, this was our first viewing and boy did we ALL walk away impressed. In fact, we are not even sure Hailey realizes how good he could be. The lefty has great length and incredible bounce, around the basket he tries to dunk everything. He showcased patience when running 5-out sets and has solid court vision. His jump shot looked good, great form, however, he didn’t take many of them as he was able to get downhill with such ease. Hailey has solid footwork, a good handle and the ability to line up across the floor (on offense) to exploit whichever mismatch is needed at the time. We are very eager to see Hailey again, there is a lot to like and he is a sure-fire Division 1 prospect.