Team United EYBL 17s (Charlotte, NC)

6’8” 2019 Patrick Williams

Williams is universally considered a 4-star prospect, but we have said for a while that is still low. Williams has done nothing but continue to show us correct as he continues to get better and better, reaching toward his unlimited potential and ceiling. He is a modern day, playmaking wing with incredible length and explosion. Williams had Florida State, NC State, Ohio State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Florida in watching him. Things are heating up for him.

6’ 2019 Khalil Robinson

Robinson is battle tested, playing since middle school in top level events (and winning a lot). He helped lead this team to an Elite 8 Finish at Peach Jam and his steady hand continued that success to a 6-1 record this week. Robinson has a high basketball IQ and is a very scrappy player. He shoots the cover off the ball and is one who should be looked at as a leader and a winner.

Ball 4 Lyfe (Palm Beach Florida)

6’3” 2019 Sheldon Edwards

Edwards showed a pure and unwavering ability to score the ball. He has great length and soft touch, he put the ball on the floor and really shot the cover off the ball. Edwards had 24 points and on 6 made 3s. The lengthy and strong shooting guard showed well.

6’3” 2019 Charles West

West is a noted shooter, just in the last week Army and Navy both offered the high academic shooting guard. When his feet are set, you can rest assure the ball will go in. He shot it well here, heck he shot it well all week.

Team United EYBL 16s (Charlotte, NC)

6’8” 2020 Jadyn Parker

Parker is a lengthy and active prospect, who walks on the court and looks the part. He has great touch around the basket and is very crafty from 18 feet and in. Parker finished around the rim with an array of finishes and is a good rebounder and defender, with quick twitch anticipation.