It was a good summer for Lakewood junior Quentin Hodge. He ran with the 16u version of Team South Carolina (the same program Nick Claxton and Ja Morant played with) and really expanded his game. Along the process he picked up his first two offers, Florida Gulf Coast and Mercer.

Last season, his sophomore year, the 6’5” wing averaged 13.7 points, 6 boards and 4.2 blocks per game. Yes, you read that right, only as a sophomore, Hodge mixed it up and did all of the tough guy stuff. That probably bled over into this year when he tried his hand at football, for the first time. You see, Hodge is a naturally fluid athlete, one who is good at everything he tries.

Fast forward to this basketball season, his junior season. He picked up a couple of offers and was a standout at the prestigious South Carolina Top 80, so he is completely unknown for no longer. Hodge played his freshman season at South Florence High School, where he averaged double figures for a  team who went 4-18 (0-11) on the season. Last year, Hodge was a sophomore starter on a team who made it to the third round of the SCHSL state playoffs. A stark contrast to his freshman season.

This is Hodge’s year to break out, this is his year to become a household name across the South Carolina landscape. After our first viewing of Hodge last season at Lakewood we wrote, “Hodge has every single tool you would want from a high major wing. It is going to be fun to watch him progress over the next couple years. This year he played anywhere form 4th to 5th option when he was on the floor. However, he showed flashes when his number was called. On one play last night he attacked the rim leapt over a player and banged his elbow on the rim as he was fouled. On the next play, he got the rebound, threw the outlet, filled the lane and caught a beautiful pass in stride and knocked down a effortless 3-pointer. Long, athletic, nice wing handle and range, this kid has the tools. We are eager to see him become the man and develop that alpha mentality moving forward. Keep close watch.”

This assessment holds true today. A year later, our initial assessment of Hodge held true as he went against the very best the state of South Carolina has to offer at the prestigious, invite-only, South Carolina Top 80. After that event we said, Has all the tools. Can break down defender from the wing. Smooth looking jump shot with range and great explosion. Justified #3 ranking in the state here, with upside for more.”

So where does this leave us? Kudos to Mercer and Florida Gulf Coast for trusting their keen eye. Over that last couple of years, Sumter has produced numerous standouts with the likes of Ja Morant (sophomore at Murray State), CJ Felder (a senior in high school signed with Boston College), Isiah Moore (a freshman at College of Charleston) and Juwan Purdue (a current senior signed to Jacksonville State and Hodge’s teammate) entering the college ranks at the mid major level or higher, yet the area still seems to be perpetually underrecruited.

The call to college coaches is don’t miss out on this one. He will be at Phenom’s 2nd Annual Capital City Jam on December 15 at Ben Lippen School in Columbia, SC and play in the nightcap against Alabama signee Juwan Gary and his Liberty Heights team. It will be a great showing for what Hodge can truly do. At that point, you’ll see that Hodge can do A LOT!!