At Phenom Hoops we are fortunate to be able to be a leader on multiple fronts. Not only do we run sold out events that hundreds of coaches come to watch during the NCAA Live Period, we also run a website that the nation reads and gets millions of views and are the authors of an NCAA compliant scouting service that hundreds of colleges subscribe to. Exposure is our main goal and our events, through the coaches, the scouting service and the website/social media, get a ton of it.

April is a great month for basketball. The excitement of the Live Period is incredibly vibrant and very real. All of the shoe circuits had their events and college coaches were finally on the road, able to watch and target their future players. Phenom Hoops held two sold out April Live Period events and had around 300 college coaches hunt our sidelines. Here are some of the players who stepped out of the shadows in front of these lines of coaches at Phenom Hoop's April Live Events.

6'6' 2018 Aaron Nesmith
TMP Elite (SC)
Phenom's Challenge LIVE

If you read Phenom Hoops, Aaron Nesmith is a name you have heard previously. He has shown out at numerous Phenom events and Top 80 exposure camps in the past. Now, leaving April he is a consensus ranked Top 150 prospect and since April began he has picked up around six offers. Carrying the likes of Duquesne, Yale and Harvard already schools from the ACC and SEC are looking closely. He is a 6'6' shot maker with a 35' vertical and 7'2' wing span. There is a lot to like with the upside of Nesmith.

6'4' 2018 Trey Murphy
Durham Hurricanes (NC)
Phenom's Challenge LIVE & Phenom's Grassroots Tip Off LIVE

As the old adage goes, 'If you can shoot from anywhere, you can play somewhere.' Well the lengthy 6'4' shooting guard can shoot from anywhere. His game is developing off the bounce and he is showing explosion off the bounce, however make no mistakes about it his calling card is his 'in the gym' range. Murphy has great genes as his father played at East Carolina and his best basketball is quickly improving. ACC, A10, AAC and everyone in between are watching closely.

6'5' 2018 Torey James
Charlotte Royals (NC)
Phenom's Challenge LIVE & Phenom's Grassroots Tip Off LIVE

James is a new name to come across out desks in April and he quickly made an impression, not only on our staff but with college coaches. James best attribute is his ability to pass. He really sees the floor at a high level in the half court. He showed throughout April the ability to shoot at all 3 levels and he is a high academic wing defender. Offensively, James can play the PG through SF, and thus lies his uniqueness. He quickly made himself a must watch SoCon, ASun guy.

6'10' 2019 Jason Jitobah
Team NLP (TN)
Phenom's Challenge LIVE

Jitobah is a rim and paint protector. He steps onto the floor with a sturdy frame and great length on his 6'10' body. He has good timing and is a very strong 2-handed rebounder. He is new to the United States and is in the process of getting his body and conditioning right but after his play at Phenom's Challenge LIVE Florida issued his first offer. That level feels to be the norm as Jitobah continues forward.