Phenom's 3G Showcase
Freedom Courts, Fayetteville NC

2023 Cenquion Wimbley
Flight 22 14s

Playing up in age, Wimbley showcased an aggressive skill set. He has good length and nice wing handle that gets him downhill and toward the rim. There is a lot of hype around him, and he lived up to it in this one.


2022 Taevon Johnson
Team Wall SE 14s

Johnson is a stud on the boards. An absolute monster with a non stop motor as he corrals seemingly everything off the rim. He has great touch from 15 feet and in and he is very strong. Productive player.


5'10' 2020 Wesley Case
Flight 22 Robinson 16s

This kid is a one man show. He does everything on the floor, and does it with flair. Having a breakdown type handle, he got into the paint often. He has excellent vision, throwing no look passes all over the floor. And then there is the explosion. He gets off the floor with ease. Fun to watch!