Phenom's 3G Showcase
Freedom Courts, Fayetteville NC

Court 4, Early Afternoon Standouts

5'11' 2021 Marshall Myers
Team Wall SE 15s
Myers has a smooth feel for the game. Long arms and the ability to get where he wants on the floor. He plays with an aggressive streak to score the basketball. A natural basketball player with ability. Place on your SIM card.

6'4' 2020 Langston Davis
Fayetteville Bulls 16s
Davis is a lengthy wing who affects the entirety of the game. Still raw in his skill set, he did a great job getting deflections and he shot the ball well. Interesting prospect, eager to see how he grows.

6'4' 2019 Raekwon Knuckles
Dreamville Buccaneers
Knuckles has great size and ball skills. He got into the paint at will and showcased a willingness to pass the ball and set up his team mates. Knuckles scored the ball well and is one we will keep an eye on to see how he develops, he is one that college should ear mark and do the same.