Phenom Queen City Showcase

Nation Ford High School

Courts 1&2

6‘1 2018 G Byron Sanders: Carolina Sky 17U/Ashbrook High School (NC)

Sanders is the kind of kid you can plug into any of the three backcourt spots due to a rare combination of high iq, unique skillset, and ridiculous strength. He can bring the ball up and down the court running the offense, he’s a capable shooter to the point that he can play off the ball if needed, or he can get out on the wing and guard bigger players due to that strength. All in all Sanders is the kind of do it all guy that would be an incredible fit among a lot of small schools in the region, it’ll be interesting to see who shoots their shot with him.

6’2 2019 G Latrell Taylor: Team Wall Columbia/Keenan High School (SC)

Latrell came to Fort Mill to get buckets and that’s exactly what he did. Finishing with over 20 points in both games thus far today he’s been scoring at will despite defenses really keying in on him. What makes Taylor so great is the threat of the pull-up 3 opens up the doors for him to attack, drive, and kick out to shooters on the wing creating a ton of great shots for Team Wall Columbia, particularly in game two. He’s the kind of score-first lead guard that is a perfect number one option for a team with a group of nice complimentary talent, and it’s nice seeing him excel in that role.

5’9 PG Robby Williams: Synergy Elite Wise 17U/Charleston Catholic High School

Williams is a scrappy little point guard that does all of the little things necessary to propel a team to a tough win. Williams finds a way to get the ball to shooters, consistently make the smart play, take and make open shots when needed. He’s the perfect guy to run the offense for an incredibly talented Synergy Elite squad and should catch the attention of D3 and D2’s across the region. His stat line doesn’t jump out at you, but he certainly passes the eye test.