Game One: Carolina Bad Boyz 12U (51) Vs LKN1 2025 (50)

Carolina Bad Boyz:

5’7 2025 Kielin Thomas: 10 Points

Thomas was a consistent presence in this one, and made some big time shots and FT’s down the stretch for his team in a tightly contested game to start the day.  He’s a talented young prospect that has a legitimate future in basketball if he continues to play and work on his craft. 


5’0 2025 Joseph Bruce: 12 Points

Bruce is a talented young player that is an absolute gamer.  He makes big time shots, including a game tying 3 from NBA range with about 15 seconds to play, showcasing the fact that this kid wants the ball when the game is on the line.  He’s a fun young player to watch and definitely deserved some recognition for what he did today. 

Game Two: 1Carolina 14U (57) Vs Team Loaded 704 14U (51)

Team Loaded 704:

6’5 2023 Spencer Mermans: 12 Points

Mermans had his best outing of the weekend in this one, he was really dominant on the boards on both sides of the ball, giving this Loaded 704 group an imposing interior presence that really helped this group close out possessions and get some extra ones.  He finished around the rim really well to go with his ability to draw contact and get to the line where he does a good job.  He’s definitely a high motor young big that plays a huge role for a good team.


6’4 2023 Keyshawn Adams: 9 Points

Adams continues to impress as a relatively raw, young, sweet shooting wing.  He’s maintained around a 15 PPG scoring average over the weekend, using his silky smooth mid-range J, and even connecting on quite a few shots from beyond the arc.  As Adams gets that motor revved up to another level, expect him to be an impact Freshman @ Hunter Huss next year. 

Game Three: Save Sports 12U Vs Carolina Bad Boyz 12U

Carolina Bad Boyz:

5’3 2026 Khristian Bruce:

Bruce is a really talented young player, he’s playing an age up, but he looks like one of the more poised players on the floor regardless of that fact.  He knows hot to take contact and finish at the cup at an incredibly advanced point in his young basketball career.  He can also shoot it from distance, run the team, and consistently make the right decision.  A really promising young player.

Save Sports:

5’1 2025 Drew Johnson:

Johnson is another young talented floor general with some serious flare to his game.  Every pass feels like its a no look, and it typically finds its destination leading to a bucket.  He has range out to 30 feet, and his mechanics won’t need to much work as he adds on strength to make those long distance shots easier.  One of the more exciting players in the 12U division that we’ve seen. 

Game Four: CB Hoops 14U (65) Vs Team Hope White 14U (52

CB Hoops:

5’11 2023 Demarris Day: 9 Points

Day is a smooth operator in the backcourt.  He can play either guard spot, doing damage spotting up on the wing or attacking and getting to the line at will.  He’s got really long arms for his age, and should continue to grow into his body, further developing his status as a combo guard that can contribute right away at the High School level. 

Team Hope White:

6’2 2023 Sean Rose: 10 Points

Rose did an excellent job keeping his team close in this one, impacting the game with his length, willingness to attack, and create havoc with his length defensively.  As he starts to really grasp his understanding of the game, he should continue to grow in regards to limiting mistakes, and making the right decision more often than not.  He’s certainly a player to watch moving forward.