By Chris Sause

5’9 2021 Cameron Ray Team Loaded 704- Cameron is small in stature but showed from the gate that he is a high-level shooter. He knocked down numerous threes in the first half of a blowout game. While this game wasn’t even close (45-6 at halftime) Cameron did a great job of playing within the system and picking his spots, getting to the rim, and being pesky on defense.

6’4 2021 Kristin Mendes Team Loaded 704- A very long, rangy, and wiry defender with a lot of length and athleticism. Kristin was also a part of a blowout game but still found a way to showcase his skill set nicely. There were several times he blocked a shot on one, got the rebound, and finished on the other end with a dunk. I am anxious to catch him against a higher level of competition than he faced but he still did a nice job showing what he can do.

6’4 2022 Wesley Tibbs Charlotte Supreme- A long wiry left-handed guard who has a nice-looking mid-range jumper. Also, an above average athlete who gets to the rim when he wants to. Really did a good job keeping the defense on their heels and making plays for his team in this game.

6’1 2022 Antonio Perkins Charlotte Supreme- Was one of the hardest playing and toughest guards I saw play today. Finished the game with a very quiet 21 points and really got after the Team Loaded squad they faced. Was a big factor in his team’s big win today and could develop into a nice prospect because of his heart and will.

6’7 2022 Harrison Alexander Team Loaded- A young prospect with a nice body and incredible shooting touch. Being 6’7 and so young I wasn’t expecting him to have such good touch from the perimeter. Given his physical tools and soft shooting touch if he continues to develop, he looks like a HM prospect.

6’6 2022 Chol Deing Team Loaded- To me this is the most impressive prospect I have seen so far today. On a team full of potential D1 guys Chol stood out with his incredible ability to defend the ball and finish above the rim. I had him for somewhere around 8 steals including double digit rebounds and points. The one thing I would love to see his develop is his jump shot and fine tune his handle to really complete his already high-level game.

6’1 2022 Jamori Mcdougald Team Loaded- Another high level prospect on this Team Loaded squad. The first thing I noticed was his ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter. However, as I watched his game more, I realized how advanced the reads he makes are. He rarely turns the ball over and he often times sets up the next play opportunity for his teammates.

6’8 2022 Deante Green Team CP3- Deante might is one of my favorite long term prospects that I have seen. His fundamentals are unmatched at his age and size, he always boxes out, has high level footwork, hands, and great touch. The best part of his game may be his ability to run the floor as he constantly beats guards up and down the court not just other bigs. Keep an eye on Deante as he keeps coming along he has a chance to be special.

6’6 2021 Zyun Reeves Team Bond– Another big body young post player who possesses great hands and feet. He was able to hold his own and keep his team in the game regardless of who the opposing CP3 team threw at him. He did a good job of using his body to put the opposing bigs “in jail” under the rim and going up and finishing. Also rebounded at a very high level.

5’6 2021 Darius Jewell Fayetteville Flash- A very small guard in stature but shoots it at a high level. Also uses his size to stay low and get by defenders, helping him get into the paint and create for others. Has deep range on his jump shot and if he continues to grow he could turn into a really nice prospect. 

6’2 2021 Gavin Ellis WBC Elite- A really skilled lefty, shoots the ball well, is very solid fundamentally. A player who does a lot of things pretty well and nothing poorly, will never hurt you when he’s on the floor. With improved athleticism will help his stock a lot.