2017-18 Record: 26-5 (10-0 in Conference) NCHSAA 1A Semi-Finalist

Head Coach Bradley Gabriel is back with his Lincoln Charter squad that will be contending for their 2nd NCHSAA 1A title in the last three years.  Right as I walked into the gym, I sensed a level of expectation and intensity from Coach Gabriel onto his team featuring a bevy of unique prospects that will be playing in a fast paced, high volume offense that will frequently have the opposition struggling to keep up with their ability to push the pace and knock down perimeter shots.  Let’s take a look at some of the impact players from this group.

6’2 2019 Jackson Gabriel: (Lees McRae Commit)

Gabriel has staked his claim as one of the best shooters in the history of North Carolina High School Basketball over the course of his career and nobody should expect him to slow down as he gets ready for his senior season.  Anyone that is familiar with Gabriel knows that he has in the gym range, but what impressed me most about him in practice was his ability to initiate offense, it’s very clear that he’s worked diligently on making his game more complete.  Now that he’s capable of running his teams offense a little bit when needed, handling the ball in PnR situations which will really help this team now that Kody Shubert has moved on to Presbyterian.  Gabriel is primed for a huge senior season before taking his talents to Dunk Mountain.

6’4 2019 Levontae Knox

Knox is one of the best on ball perimeter defenders in the State of North Carolina, always bringing a high level of intensity, ready for any challenge on any given day.  He’s simply an asset to any team with his defensive prowess and that doesn’t even mention all of the different things he brings to the table on the other end of the court.  On the offensive end, Knox can get by just about any man in front of him, while possessing enough of an ability to knock down shots to keep defenders honest, opening up driving lanes where he excels finishing around the basket or drawing in the help and kicking to one of the many shooters on this squad.  Knox is without a doubt in my mind a Division one player and low major schools in the region should come knocking at the door sooner rather than later.

6’3 2022 Anthony Breland

Breland is yet another incredible talent in the 2022 class that might end up becoming one of the best in the last 10 years in North Carolina.  He’s got the keys to this talented group as a young piece and showed flashes of brilliance in this practice making plays with the ball in his hands.  He’s incredibly savvy while running his team, executing in ball screens at a level most kids his age wouldn’t dream of and seemingly never makes a poor decision.  Coach Gabriel was on his case wanting him to be more aggressive and to shoot the ball more which makes sense because I don’t think Breland realizes how good he is at this point in time.  I’m excited to see how his game develops over the course of the next four years, it’s clear he’s a high level prospect at this point in time, hopefully he continues on the track he’s currently on, and if he does… look out!

6’2 2020 Axel Holm

Holm should see a major jump in production (4.5 PPG) this year due to a major increase in his role and development of his game.  He’s always been a great shooter, but now he’s showing a true ability to attack the basket and create for himself with relative ease.  The smooth lefty should have a bump in his recruitment over the course of the season cause he’s going to have some huge performances for this team and is priming himself to be the senior leader the following season.  I’m excited to see how his confidence increases and how his game develops even further.

Other Contributors:

6’2 2022 Sam Cogan

Cogan didn’t practice, he’s recovering from a shoulder injury and should be back before the start of the regular season.  He’s another talented member of the 2022 class and he can flat out score the basketball.

6’5 2020 Dimitri McCall

McCall is going to do a little bit of everything for this group, he might be their leading rebounder and should be a really productive piece for this group.  D3s and D2s should watch closely.

6’1 2019 Hunter Herrick

Herrick should provide a lot of backcourt depth and another kid that can run the offense, and knock down shots.  Another key piece for this group that can erupt on any given night, making this team super dangerous.  D3s should watch closely.