6’2 2020 Creighton Lebo: Greenfield School (Game MVP)

Lebo was excellent in the opening game of the Phenom National Showcase, exhibiting a high basketball IQ and maintaining a high level of productivity that he’s sustained over his High School and AAU Career.  He’s an excellent shooter, doing it off the catch and dribble, while also doing a great job running his team.   He should be considered a bonafide D1 prospect at this point in time, bringing a steadying force as an on ball guard, or a floor stretcher when he’s off of it.  Look for his recruitment to have a steady rise throughout the next two seasons.

6’1 2020 Jordan Lynch: Greenfield School

Lynch did an excellent job throughout making his presence felt on both ends of the court with his relentlessness defensively, and versatility as a guard on the offensive end.  He’s a really solid decision maker, always looking up on the break to make the right play, he’s also extremely shifty with the ball in his hands, slipping by defenders creating easy buckets for himself at the rack.  Lynch looks comfortable in his new home at Greenfield and should continue to build on his performance today for a strong Junior Season.

6’1 2019 Nathan Yow: Grace Christian (Sanford)

Yow is a silky smooth lead guard that has proven himself as an incredibly productive and valuable piece to whatever team he suits up for.  He should be high on the target list for every D3 team in need of a point guard in the Area, and should even garner interest from some scholarship coaches as he looks to lead his Grace team to the promised land in his senior season.

6’2 2019 Evan Cheek: Grace Christian (Sanford)

Cheek won MVP after a thoroughly solid performance on both ends of the court.  He’s an incredibly steady player, limiting mistakes and typically making the right decision.  He, along with Yow and Julian Steinfeld form a really nice core for Grace Christian, they compliment one another well, and should see success as a team and individually if they continue to improve as a group.

6’0 2020 Landon Sutton: High Point Christian Academy (Game MVP)

Sutton is a silent killer, he really doesn’t display a ton of emotion on the court, but he’s such a steady force that teams constantly under-estimate due to his size and general frame.  Luckily he’s one of the most lethal shooters in North Carolina, with a quick trigger off the catch or dribble with in the gym range.  Sutton continues to play himself into that D1 consideration, and should start to garner more interest at that level.  He’s going to end up making whatever coach is lucky enough to get him a very happy man.

6’6 2019 Juwan Gary: Liberty Heights (Alabama Commit)

Gary is overwhelming at the high school level with his natural physical and athletic gifts, but he’s also incredibly talented on the offensive end with his touch around the hoop, and anticipation when attacking.  He’s versatile defensively, big and strong enough inside, and mobile enough on the outside.  As he and his Liberty Heights boys get it together, they should become one of the more dangerous teams in the HoopState