It was the start of a terrific event here in Rock Hill, as Asheville School looked to come in and surprise many with a win vs. one of the top teams in the state in Carmel Christian.  It started out slow for both teams, as Asheville School found some early success behind the play of ’22 Leon Nahar.  Carmel struggled to get going until mid-way through the first quarter, but eventually it was tied up at 11 at the end of one.  In the second quarter, Carmel started to amp it up on both ends, creating turnovers and finding success offensively, as it helped create a double-digit lead mid-way through the second and heading into halftime, 27-17.

In the second half, offense was tough to come by at times for Asheville School but they still competed in this game.  Carmel though was able to continue to run their offense, get out in transition, and make play son the defensive end as well.  It is what helped them increase their lead to 20+ and never look back in the second half.  In the end, Carmel was just too much, continuing their role this season with a 62-51 win.

Carmel Christian:
Ben Burnham 25 points
Cade Tyson 16 points
Glenn Bynum Jr 13 points

Asheville School:
Derin Saran 19 points
Leon Nahar 14 points


2022 Cade Tyson (Carmel Christian): Tyson continues to produce at a high level and with his IQ and feel all over the floor, to go along with his size, he simply plays with an easy feel on the court. His decision making, shot selection, and ability to impact the floor in multiple ways is why more college coaches are coming his way in a hurry.

2022 Leon Nahar (Asheville School): Nahar grabbed the attention with his long 6’9 frame.  Shots might have not always fallen for the young man but there could be something there, as he showed he is comfortable from outside with his shot, moved well around the court, and used his length well to be disruptive at times and got on the boards.

2023 Derin Saran (Asheville School): Saran is a young guard that has a nice feel with the ball in his hands. He showed confidence in initiating the offense, finding his teammates, seeing the floor well, and scoring at times. Young guard that could be a nice piece for the future with this program.

2021 Ben Burnham (Carmel Christian): What can we say, Burnham did what Burnham does.  He is such a tough matchup for any opponent and it is hard to slow him down. Once again, he ran the floor extremely well and he just understands how to operate on offense in any spot on the court.  But he once again showed off his explosiveness on both sides.