At Lincoln Charter in North Carolina special things are happening, both from a team and individual perspective, and they are seemingly unstoppable this season. Currently, through eleven games the team is 11-0 and has been dominant in all facets of the game. Lincoln Charter's per-game averages are robust: 83.8 PPG, 39.1 RPG, 25.5 APG, 14.4 SPG and 3.6 BPG while shooting 55% from the floor and 44% from three. They are simply running teams off the floor, having only one single-digit contest'against Northwood Temple, which still resulted in an eight-point victory for Lincoln Charter'and beating each of the other ten teams by 19+ points. A healthy amount of this production can be credited to their unquestioned leader, 6'0 '18 Kody Shubert.

This is business as usual for Shubert though, as he has been utterly dominant for three seasons now and has only continued to raise eyebrows. He came into high school averaging 20 PPG as a freshman followed by stat line of 19.7 PPG, 6.6 APG, 5.7 RPG and 3 SPG as a sophomore. Through eleven games this season, he is averaging 23.2 PPG, 6.6 APG, 4.3 RPG and 3.2 SPG. In all of the games Shubert has taken part in at Phenom events, there hasn't been a single opposing player able to contain him. He simply gets whatever he wants on offense and watching him conduct the orchestra that is Lincoln Charter has proven to be a thing of beauty.

There isn't one single word that can possibly encapsulate Shubert's game, as he has become a master of just about everything possible for a point guard. His natural ability to read, breakdown, and dissect defenses is uncanny; he makes decisions in an instant, followed by a needle-threading pass that almost always turns into an assist. Explosive is a word that often comes up when referring to Shubert and rightfully so, as he has been the recipient of a dozen alley-oops this season'this is a point guard! His athletic ability makes up for any size concerns that college coaches could possibly have. Beyond that, he is such a crafty, dynamic scorer that has no weak spot on the floor; he finishes at incredibly high rates all over the floor, especially from three-point range. Shubert also takes great pride in being a quality teammate, along with the rest of Lincoln Charter's roster, and they play a very smart, efficient brand of basketball.

Currently, Shubert holds offers from South Florida, Hampton, American, Mount Saint Mary's and Houston Baptist. While all of those are quality programs, it seems that he has been under-recruited despite his eruption onto the scene less than three years ago. Take a comparable player like Jordan McCabe (West Virginia commit), who has been dubbed one of the most exciting players in the country. He and Shubert are the exact same size and share many of the same traits, yet Shubert has proven to be a better scorer while averaging more assists, rebounds and steals per contest. They held the same amount of offers but the West Virginia commit also held offers from the likes of DePaul, Milwaukee, Missouri, and Green Bay. The comparison is uncanny but the production speaks for itself and Shubert deserves more love from college coaches. The stage is set and the stars have aligned for the Shubert-led Lincoln Charter to drop jaws at Phenom Joe Miller, December 27-30. They will open up against University Heights from Kentucky on December 27 at 6:30, and the battle will be one for the ages.