2018 Kody Shubert (Lincoln Charter): Shubert has been a name around North Carolina but needs to become a bigger national name.' Even though he may be 6'0, programs needs to keep an eye on this young man.' He scored 22 points in their win over University Heights, knocking down outside shots and for his size, is highly underrated in the athletic area.' What really impressed the scouts today was his passing and dishing abilities, finding small holes in the defense and threading the needle several times.

2017 Ibrahim Doumbia (South Carolina Commit, Miami Country Day):Doumbia is looking like a great find for South Carolina and he showed why he was one of the most talented prospects at the event.' He has to play big for Miami Country Day because of the lack of size but you can put him in so many places on the court.' On Day 1, he showed a beautiful release from three, he showed what a freak of an athlete he is, and his ability to move and run the floor will certainly give opponents hard times.' This Top 100 prospect really had the buzz surrounding him coming into the event and left an impression on us all on the first day of the Phenom Joe Miller Invitational.

Blake Harris (Washington commit, Word of God):'Harris is simply special and he will for sure be a key prospect for Washington and the Pac-12 in the coming years.' In the game against Greenfield and UNC commit, Harris showed what he does best.' He led his team on the break, pushed the ball with his ability and speed, and he might have some of the best vision in his recruiting class, dishing out 14 dimes in the win.

Brandon Huffman (UNC Commit, Word of God):'Huffman was simply unstoppable down low, as no one could match his size.' It was obvious that he could do anything he wanted to against Greenfield, as he went on his way to 24 points, 16 rebounds, and five blocks.' Huffman is a dunking machine and looks to do so often when he is that far down in the paint. 'He didn't have to use much of his outside game in this one.

Coby White (UNC Commit, Word of God):'Greenfield struggled in the first half defensively against Word of God and their transition play but White did all he could do to bring his team back after falling into a deep hole in the first half.' In the second half, he did what he does best, getting out in transition and attacking the basket with his strength and speed, along with his capability as being one of the best finishers at the rim and in traffic.' In the end, it wasn’t enough, as he finished with 29 points and nine rebounds.

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