London Johnson Firmly Puts His Name Among the Top of the Class

It has been said time and time again about the point guards in the 2023 class, in North Carolina. Well with the guidance of Liberty Heights Head Coach Mike Wright, London Johnson is putting his name right in the mix. Johnson walks on the floor with a great frame, very lengthy. He plays with confidence, never rushed and mostly controlled. He has a smooth jump shot, showcased a pull-up and he doesn’t put the ball in trouble, taking care of his possessions. As he continues to grow and add natural weight, there is a lot to like here, but when talking about top players, and especially point guards, in the 2023 class in North Carolina, London Johnson has arrived.

Don’t Be Surprised if Quincy Ballard Becomes a Power 5 Commodity

He’s a mammoth, 7 footer, with length and strength. Just based on his physical stature, players like him don’t grow on trees. When you add in the fact he showed the ability to move, the toughness to rebound and the hands to catch passes with defenders draped on him, there is a lot to like. Ballard ran the floor well and he finished at the rim. The college coaches watching were flabbergasted he didn’t have much going on, but (especially) programs who run some zone stuff, there is a lot to like with Ballard.

Elijah Wilson and Omar Gardner May be the Hoop State’s Best Wing Duo No One is Talking About

While they did get beat by double digits, Wilson and Gardner did what they could. Both of them have good positional size to go with great athleticism and skill. Wilson was able to get to the rim when he want, he did a good job on deafens and knocked down shots. Gardner came in as a noted athlete. He knocked in three threes in this one, as well as getting to the basket. Both of these players did what they needed to get put themselves firmly into the conversation, college coaches should take note accordingly

Jalen Hood Schifino is Among the Elite Lead Guards in the Country

Sure he is a top 25 player in the country per ESPN, but he continues to get better. This year playing at Combine, under NBA veteran PG Jeff McInnis, Hood-Schifino continues to get better and better. He has always been poised, played with a great pace. But his reads are becoming next level. He is able to do what the team needs to win, be it score the ball or distribute, but it all starts with his ability to touch the paint. He plays with his head up, he plays with his eyes at the rim and he plays at his pace. Over the summer high upside came to mind when watching Hood Schifino, now the word elite comes to mind when watching him play.

Jemal Davis Should have a Host of College Coaches Coveting Him

Davis just naturally does things that many bigs cannot do with his natural timing and the way he moves. The sequence yesterday that best describes this is, Davis blocked at shot at the rim, beat everyone down the floor to finish an And-1, made the free throw and then played the point of the press on the next possession, as the team dropped to their half court defense, he just defended the point guard, cutting him off 3 times from getting into the paint. Despite being skinny, Davis battles on the boards and has some of the most natural timing in the region. He finished yesterday’s game with 16 points, 15 boards and 5 blocks. He should be coveted by many schools throughout the Eastern Seaboard.