Luke Romeo

Phenom Hoop Report always seems to have the best events in the area. Phenom’s Grind event was another in a long line of those top events as the talent was out in force for this one. Over the next few days I will be bringing you some of the talent you may have missed out on. Names you need to know are as follows:

Luke Romeo, 6’ 2016 G at Green Hope HS – I love watching shooters and there might not be a better shooter out there in 2016 than this kid. How can I say that? Any kid that can go out and hit 50% from deep when everyone knows he’s a shooter day after day, game after game has to be tops in his craft. That’s what Luke does regularly. He has gotten stronger over the years as he has started to fill out some and that has shown in other areas of his game. Luke is also a willing and able passer, something you do not often see in top flight snipers like him. Any school out there still looking for a shooter for next year needs to look his way hard.

Bradley Pierce, 6’2 2016 G at Combine Prep – Bradley is one of those kids that you watch play never knowing what you will get but at the same time knowing you are going to get a show. This kid has springs in his legs and is as easy a riser as there is in the region. When he gets out on the break you know you are fixing to get a show. His shot was falling in this one as he hit 4 or 5 3’s in a short stretch to bring his team from behind. That stretch kind of sums Bradley up for me these last few years. He has explosive ability and shows it in stretches but at other times he just coasts and fades into the background. If he ever decided to put the motor into high gear and leave it there this kid would be one that everyone would want to look at but that’s not always been the case. Still, he has the ability and the athletic ability needed to be a player at the next level. Now he just needs someone to come and take a chance on him.

Iran Bennett, 6’8 2016 F at Hargraves Military – I have seen Iran play a ton of ball over the years. He has thinned up and looks to be moving much better than he has in the past. He is still a force to deal with inside but with the better conditioning and lighter body he seems to be better equipped to maintain his effort and production throughout the game. He still can’t shoot a free throw to save his life but you get the ball inside to him and no one can stop him either. Iran has a D1 body and the type of game that can play at the D1 level today. His academic situation will have to be sorted out and he will need to stay dedicated to working on his body and conditioning but the future is still bright for him in the game I think

Zaire Williams, 6’7 2017 F at Winston Salem Prep – I have watched Zaire off and on since his 8th grade year when he was with Garner Road. He has the size you look for in a power player and can score in and around the lane with both power moves and a face up game. He is also strong on the glass like you want and expect your power player to be. All that can get lost however in the way he carries himself out on the floor. He allowed his emotions to get the best of him in the one I watched as he was constantly fussing with officials and even got into it with players on the other team at times. There is too much ability here to have antics and pouting take your attention away from it. Sometimes you have to put that aside and just play ball, something I don’t feel he did a great job of doing here.

Justice Goodloe, 6’ 2018 G at Winston Salem Prep – Playing up at the 17U level this kid showed out in the one I saw. He put up a 30 plus showing versus a team with mostly unsigned seniors and did it in a way that looked as if he could have gone for more. Off the bounce this kid is just hard to contain. Listed as a PG he was more in attack/scorer mode in the one I saw but he did how the vision and ability to be a plus PG when he wants to be. He may still be on the young side but he’s already shredding defenses and has shown he can score on anyone. As he continues to grow, fill out, and get stronger I expect his game to just keep getting better. Already holding an offer from Georgia Southern reportedly look for Justice to be one of the hotter names in the state at the PG spot in the 2018 class once it’s all said and done.

More to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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