Phenom Hoop Report always seems to have the best events in the area. Phenom’s Grind event was another in a long line of those top events as the talent was out in force for this one. Over the next few days I will be bringing you some of the talent you may have missed out on. Names you need to know are as follows:

Lavar Batts, 6’3 2017 G at JM Robinson HS – Lavar has a different gear than most players are able to get to. He does not have to break it out often to get the job done but when he does break it out you can’t help but be awed. He is like a fighter jet that can cruise at supersonic speeds without having to kick in the afterburners. There is no one area of the game that I look at with him and say he needs to improve as he has a complete package to work with. He is next level ready right now and will be a factor at the High Major level after he graduates HS.

JP Moorman, 6’7 2017 G at Greensboro Day – Aside from rocking the man-bun hairdo for this event I liked everything about his appearance in this event. I have watched this kid evolve his game over the last few years and in that time he has really come into his own. The ability to step out and hit the 3 has come along nicely and he still brings the power game as needed. He has a game ideally suited for the SF role at the next level along with the size and strength to go with it. I also like the fact that JP plays with a good motor regardless of who he is facing. If he steps on the floor he’s going to go hard, something you don’t always see in some of the top HS talent.

Blake Harris, 6’3 2017 G at Word of God – I have watched Blake play and grow for the last 4 years now and no one could be happier for his success. No matter when I see Blake go I always know I am going to see something good out on the floor. It could be a game where he steps out and kills a team with multiple 3’s. It could be a huge dunk on a coast to coast drive where he cuts through the defense with ease. Or it could be where takes the reigns on offense and sets everyone up around him with a bunch of highlight type passes. Bottom line is the kid has grown into a player and one that has the D1 coaches at the upper level of the game all looking to secure his services.

Donte Tatum, 6’1 2017 G at Cary HS – Like Blake I have seen this kid for a while now and have loved watching his stock continue to rise. He is a plus athlete, a great competitor, and an all motor team type of player. He has put in the hours on his game. His shot, once suspect has become dialed in. His game is more under control as is his handles. His defense has remained strong and so has his will to dominate on the floor. You can tell by the way this kid plays that he does not accept losing and wants to be great at what he does. He has a fire in his gut and it shows out on the floor. I’d take a kid like this for my team every day of the week. Already holding several D1 offers don’t be shocked when more fall out his way in July.

Conner Crabtree, 6’5 2017 G at Orange HS – One of the bigger compliments you can get as a player is when other players watching your game look to each other and say “yo, that kids nice!”. That’s the type of response that Conner gets these days when he takes the floor at events like this. He is an easy shooter from the outside but is also comfortable off the drive and going to the hole. Still on the skinny side for my taste he has added strength and that has shown up in his confidence and overall game. With his ability to hit from deep, his size, and sneaky athletic ability its easy to see why several D1 schools are already on this kid. I look for him to have a big July and to see the pile of offers on this kid continue to grow.

More to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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