Phenom Hoop Report always seems to have the best events in the area. Phenom’s Grind event was another in a long line of those top events as the talent was out in force for this one. Over the next few days I will be bringing you some of the talent you may have missed out on. Names you need to know are as follows:

Nilous Hodge Jr, 6’2 2017 G at Cornelius HS (SC) – Nilous is an active guard that looks good and comfortable at the 1 or the 2. Slender but tough he is a solid player on both ends of the floor. He showed some nice athletic ability with bounce to his game. Hodge can get after it and has the type of game to him that is versatile and dangerous. The more he is seen the more his stock will rise.

Chea Johnson, 6’ 2017 G at Independence HS – I have seen this kid a few times recently now and each time I have seen him work I have come away impressed. Kid is a flat out player. He does not have the size you’d like to see but he has bounce and savvy and a scorers mentality like few others. His step back and pull up jumpers are pretty as a picture and his will to compete is evident out on the floor. Quick and lethal this kid needs to be seen more. Under rated player in the 2017 class I think.

Keenan Ogarra, 6’2 2018 F at Pine Forrest HS – I love a hard hat player and this kid fits that mold all the way. Even though he is one of the smaller forwards out on the floor kid motored his way to a 15 rebound performance in the one I saw. His offense comes mostly on hustle and put backs in close so he will need to expand his game some. Not seeing a high ceiling here unless he grows a bit more but his kind of heart and effort are hard to ignore out on the floor.

Jonathan Hutto, 6’2 2017 W at Myers Park HS – Hutto is one of those all over the floor out of control energy players that just wills his way into production more often than not. His game is not pretty but he gets the job done, especially on the glass. His offense needs work as he most effective now going to the glass or working a put back. He has good size and strength but he has got t reign in his game some if he wants to take it to the next level.

Matt Rakes, 5’10 2017 G at Northwest HS – I have seen Matt a few times now and each time he has been a tough nosed scorer. He is short and stocky kid that looks more like an old school throwback than one of today’s streamlined ballers. He has heart and grit but at the same time he has some flash to him that you would not otherwise expect. He’s what you expect a senior player to be and one that a coach can rely on come crunch time.

More to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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