Phenom Hoop Report always seems to have the best events in the area. Phenom’s Grind event was another in a long line of those top events as the talent was out in force for this one. Over the next few days I will be bringing you some of the talent you may have missed out on. Names you need to know are as follows:

Andrew Zeigler, 6’4 2017 F at Evelyn Mack – Andrew is a strong young player who is at his best when just playing and not thinking. He is at his best when just going to the hole and playing his game. His hustle and effort drives his production. He needs to learn some control to his game but is the type of strong game that you do not see in a lot of young forwards.

Frances Sio, 6’1 2017 G at Cox Mil HS – Sio is what I like to call a glue guy who gets by on hustle and heart. He came off the bench and was an instant spark in the one I saw. He showed up all over the box score. He is not one of those kids that excels in any one area of the game but is solid enough in all phases to be a threat in several different ways. He is not the biggest nor the bounciest out there on the floor but kid has heart and I will take that type of heart and gut effort every time out.

Tony Cracknell, 6’5 2017 W at Lake Norman Charter – Tony was one of the better shooters on the day and that’s saying something given how many shooters were in the gym for this event. He has a good release, deep range, and can get his shot off when he wants. At 6’5 he has great size for a 2 for the next level and that allows him to be helpful on the glass as well as in the scoring column. Defensively he is not as active as I’d like to see him be but he has the tools to be a good defender if he so chooses.

Keyshawn Dorsey, 6’2 2018 G at Broughton HS – Keyshawn has an easy game on him that produces offense on command yet does not force it. He has the ability to be the man but does not look to be comfortable taking on the mantle just yet. He has a ballers body and all the shots you could ever want to see on him including a nice floater he broke out a few times. Kid is a nice looking prospect just coming into his own. He has a nice ceiling to him and should see his prospect status grow in the years to come.

Brandon Murray, 6’2 2018 G at EE Smith HS – I watched Brandon’s team go early in the day versus a team that was a much more talented squad. This kid showed no back down and took it right at his opponent. He has a solid offensive game on him and the fight to be a factor on the glass as well. He needs to gain strength and work his outside jumper more but he has the tools to be a force on the floor. He showed enough all-around game in this one to suggest that more is to come as he grows and gets stronger.

More to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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