Phenom Hoop Report always seems to have the best events in the area. Phenom's Grind event was another in a long line of those top events as the talent was out in force for this one. Over the next few days I will be bringing you some of the talent you may have missed out on. Names you need to know are as follows:

Hunter Tyson, 6'6 2018 W at Piedmont HS – Long and lean player. Everything he does is sound and fundamental as a player. He boxes out, keeps the ball high, and does all you'd expect a technically sound player to do and does it at a high level. Kid put up a double/double in the first half on route to a great all-around showing. 14 rebounds speaks to his ability to be a threat in all areas of the game. He needs to get stronger and tighten up his handles. He also has a tendency to do too much with the ball in his hands and would be much better off being more decisive and making the play. Still, this kid has a big time game on him and is one that D1 coaches should be all over. He adds strength, he takes it to another level in his recruitment.

Madison Monroe, 6'2 2018 G at South Lake Christian – This kid had a strong showing in the one I caught putting up solid numbers across the board. Shows a good offensive game from the mid-range in although he can step out and hit the 3 if left unattended. He has a good motor on him and will produce results through effort alone. That said his game is a bit all over the place as he can get a bit wild out on the floor. The skills are there, as is the motor but if he could find a way to control his game some he could be a lot better off as a player and prospect.

Jaquan McMilian, 5'10 2019 G at West Forsyth HS – Jaquan is a fast and quick guard that loves to drive the ball to the lane. Kid is a bit on the small side and is slight of frame but that don't keep him from going to the basket with a vengeance. His jump shot is decent but he don't seem to have confidence in it as he did not break it out that much in the one I saw. Even though he is a bit on the small side that don't keep him from being active on the glass. Love to see him work the mid-range and pull up jumper into his game more as it would make him a more well-rounded offensive weapon.

Steven Randle, 6'7 2018 F at North Forsyth HS – Steven is a strong bodied young forward that knows how to wipe the glass with the best of them. He is a decent athlete that runs the floor hard and is active on both ends of the floor. Offensively his game needs work as right now he is limited to point blank type work or putbacks as I do not see a ton of range to his game at this point. Still, a kid this young with his size and strength that can board like he can is hard to find. He grows his offensive game and his stock takes off.

Nick Dietrich, 6'3 2017 G at Central Academy – Nick is one of those upperclassmen that knows how to play the game. He has the ability to step out and hit the 3 as he has range out well past the arch. Right now he is mostly a spot up kid that picks his spots well but would be well served to grow his game to be more than just a spot up guy.

More to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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