We have arrived at the latter point in the 2017 signing period majority of the players in this year's senior class have committed to a college program.

Still in a rather deep class this cycle there are still some solid ballers left that could contribute to schools still searching for a diamond in a rough to give their roster a spark. This piece is dedicated to the late bloomers, we'll examine a handful of seniors still on the market who have the potential to step in and be true difference makers at the next level.

Carlton Mcclure

Club- Charlotte Clippers

School- Rock Hill (SC)

Mcclure had a solid showing in the showcase this past weekend the 6'2 slasher earned some tough buckets for his side. From an athletic standpoint the kid is off the charts he's got a mean first step and displays good body control when attacking the rim.

The mid-range area and in is when Mcclure is most dangerous where he can extend over defenders for high quality shots. What doesn't show up in the box score is his motor if you're looking for a player that won't take possessions off this is your guy! On the defensive side his footwork is stellar Mcclure can really strap up on opposing guards.

Programs at the division II level in the market for guards should really take a good look at the Rock Hill product because Mcclure is going to scrap for everything he earns. In practice he will push those ahead of him on the depth chart.


Club- Queen City Thunder

School- West Stanly

When you talk about Sturdivant on the court the word beast comes to mind because he's an animal! During the showcase he balled out before tons of college personnel.

The 6'7 combo forward can do so many different things to help his side win it makes him a tough guard for opposing teams. Down low he can finish with either hand and his patience allows for high percentage looks at the basket. Away from the hoop Sturdivant can flat out stroke the leather his jumper extends past three point range. Pick and pop situations allow this kid to flourish the Charlotte big can get hot in a hurry.

Also a solid rebounder and excellent shot blocker Sturdivant may be the most complete player on the list. There were times at the showcase where he completely took over and willed his team to wins. Some division 1 coach is going to look very smart when Sturdivant does hit campus because he's a gamer for sure.

Justin Goodson

Club- God’s Property (GA)

School- Dacula High

One of the toughest kids you'll find at 5'11 this guy can really bring it he's relentless on the drive if the D knocks him down Goodson comes back harder.

At this point Goodson is more of a combo guard than a traditional point but it can be used as an advantage because he has the ability to play off the ball. In the lane Goodson posses a nice float game, also a solid passer in the open court he can really lead his man in stride. Heart is something we haven't quite figured out how to measure but this youngster has more than enough.

A year at prep school to develop more physically could serve useful but from a skill standpoint Division II and Division III programs could be rewarded for giving him a shot. Regardless where Goodson ends up he'll give 110 percent.

Joshua Moore

Club- Carolina Hurricanes (SC)

School- Powdersville High (SC)

Moore is one of those under the radar guys who was overlooked possible because he prepped at a school not necessarily known for their hoops traditions.

When you're the best player on a bad team it can be hard to draw attention from coaches at the next level, but this kid has the mentality of a winner on and off the court Moore will lead by example and be a great addition at this stage in the signing period. This school season the unsigned senior averaged 15 ppg for the Patriots, but he's much more than just scoring he also dished out three dimes a game and grabbed six boards a contest.

A point guard averaging six rebounds a game at any level is pretty impressive, he's a team first guy who gets buckets within the flow of the offense. This travel season Moore's been the best scorer and defender for the Carolina Hurricanes, it's truly admirable when you can serve as a leading scorer and step up to be a top defender but that's what Moore does every game. Pick pocketing opposing ball handlers is his forte if you're caught being careless with the rock it'll be a layup on the other end before you realize it's missing. There are a host of universities on the prowl for these type players Moore will be a stud somewhere for the next four years.

Isayah Johnson

Club- E.A. Prep Stars

School – West Charlotte

One of the most intriguing prospects at 6'7 Johnson is an elite shot blocker and paint protector. This guy will anchor your defense, clean up the glass, and get easy scrap points because his motor never stops.

There were numerous shot attempts sent into the stands on Johnson's watch this weekend his length is a serious problem for lane penetrators. Defense is his strongest asset at this point Johnson’s natural instincts and advanced footwork will set him up to succeed at the next level. This isn't to say he'll be a liability on offense though he was a hair under averaging a double-double for West Charlotte. Pair Johnson with a crafty guard who can get him the ball deep in the post and he'll contribute on both ends.

The big man is an impact now type player he will step onto a campus and provide productive minutes from day one. Local mid majors searching for frontcourt depth should take a long look at Johnson he will be one to watch at the next level.

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