#21 5’10 2023 William Otto (Broughton High School)

Otto is a name that is known around Raleigh as one of the top up and coming guards and it doesn’t take a lot of time to understand why when you watch him.  The combination of shot making ability and understanding of the game makes Otto a joy to watch, coach, and evaluate.  He can play either guard spot efficiently, and knows how to get to where he’s comfortable on the floor before raising up and finding the bottom of the net more often than not.  He has a chance to be an impact guy on varsity at Broughton (not a common thing) and most people will assume that he’s simply a shooter, but he’s so much more than that.  As he continues to physically develop, expect Otto to transition from a combo to a full time point guard over his high school career, picking up a lot of attention around Raleigh and beyond in the process.  Excited to see how this one continues to develop.

#42 6’0 2021 Ben Hines (Garner High School)

Hines is a quiet kid that lets his play on the floor do all of the talking and it speaks volumes.  When he gets to a certain level of hot from deep, he basically becomes unconscious and the rim starts to look like the ocean to the young shooter from Garner.  He does a great job at moving without the ball, making life easier for his backcourt mates when they’re looking for him on the wing or in the corner.  He has to be accounted for as soon as he crosses half court, and knows his role.  Hines is on the court to make shots, and be a pesky defender, he fulfills that to the best of his abilities every time out, ensuring he will give you 100% effort on every possession.  As Hines continues to get stronger, his ability to create will continue to make more progress, and it’s clear he’s put a lot of work in that aspect of his game, showing the ability to attack closeouts and finish at the rim when needed.  Hines is someone that schools in the ODAC and USA South should be watching closely over the next couple of years.

#51 6’2 2020 Jay Hickman (Northwood Temple)

Hickman is arguably one of the best shooters in all of North Carolina and that should be on display at Northwood Temple next season where they are playing in a lot of high profile events/matchups.  He is lethal off the catch, but also incredibly comfortable creating for himself off of 1-2 dribbles, getting to his spots, and raising up with a ton of confidence.  Hickman’s approach to the game is one of my favorite things about him.  He never forces the issue, rarely taking bad shots, but still plays incredibly aggressive and doesn’t hesitate if/when he has an open look. He knows his teams rely on him to make shots, and he’s prepared to carry a huge scoring load every time out.  As Hickman continues to show coaches, scouts, and the opposition how lethal he is from beyond the arc, expect some Higher level D2/LM D1 Programs to get involved with Hickman sooner rather than later.

#84 6’7 2021 Sam Perez (Middle Creek High School)

To go with having the funniest headshot of the day Perez showed his ability to make defenses pay from 30+ feet out.  Perez has uncanny range and at 6’7 with legitimate ball skills and athletic gifts, he is someone that should be looked at as a no brainer division one prospect.  He is sooooo much more than a shooter, he has above the rim capabilities, craftiness around the rim, and a lot of defensive upside.  As he continues to improve his lateral quickness and further grasp how to apply his skillset to become a more productive player, expect Perez to pick up interest from LM-MM Schools throughout the region.  He had a great summer with Team Wall 16u on the Adidas Gauntlet, and I expect his trajectory as a prospect to continue to rise from here.

#59 6’2 2020 Shalyen Woodberry (Mount Tabor High School)

Woodberry was a consistent perimeter presence throughout the duration of camp on Saturday.  He has a quick lefty release that he does a great job getting off under duress from the defense.  His consistency from beyond the arc was the most important thing we saw from Woodberry as a prospect.  He hit shots in every contest, and showed the ability to be a go-to offensive option when he got going.  Woodberry should be in for a big senior year at Mount Tabor.  He fits in well with their current roster and is the kind of kid that can find his way onto the floor in most lineups with his ability to stretch the floor.