Back in Greensboro on the grind this weekend, another good event, for a good cause, with some serious talent.  I’ll be keeping up with the young guys over here at Ben L Smith, here are some prospects to watch from court one.

6’4 2022 William Woodward: Academy Prep (VA)

Woodward is a really intriguing prospect due to his incredible mobility and versatility at his size.  He’s forced to play the post at this level because he’s… well a 6’4 13/14 year old and is incredibly long, but don’t let where he plays fool you, Woodward has the potential to be a really a combo forward with his skillset, he hit a 3 and looked comfortable shooting and attacking from the perimeter.  His size/skill combination at this age is something to behold of.  He needs to work on his touch around the rim and simply where to put himself on the court at times, but Woodward has a serious chance.

5’7 2022 Robert McCullough: Queen City Thunder

McCullough isn’t gonna jump off the court with anything crazy physically or athletically, what’s difficult to miss is a rare combination of poise and confidence at such a young age.  He’s the teams vocal leader on both ends of the court, getting his guys in the right place defensively and establishing a giving culture offensively, cause this team shares the ball at such a high level.  He did a great job attacking the zone, getting in the middle of it, forcing help and kicking it to shooters.  He was the most valuable player on the court and is setting himself up to be a calming presence for his high school coaches next year.

6’4 2021 Treyvon Byrd: North Carolina Ice/Riverside HS (Durham)

I was simply blown away by this one y’all, at 6’4 he’s playing all five positions at a high level with a silky smooth offensive skillset that’s always on display.  Byrd has the potential to be top five in the state in an absolutely loaded 2021 NC class due to an insane length/athleticism combo.  He kind of reminds me of a mini Giannis in the way he uses that length to attack.  He can knock down open jumpers, but this kid is a slasher at heart with no regard for human life when attacking the rack.  The mixtape guys need to get in on him now and so do college coaches.  Be sure to check him out in the live period.

6’4 2021 Nasir Blackstone: Anthony Atkinson All-Stars

Blackstone absolutely looks the part, he’s another one of these wing players forced to play the post due to his size at a young age, and he really possesses all of the physical tools to be an impact player at the high school varsity level.  He can handle the ball, create his own shot off the bounce, and defend multiple positions.  He doesn’t settle for jumpers despite the ability to get hot from the perimeter, definitely keep an eye on Blackstone throughout the summer.