Well well well… another David Rose Memorial Day Classic, another viral moment.  Since the last article I wrote that Treyvon Byrd play has amassed nearly 100K views on various social media platforms and this event continues to live up to the hype when it comes to jaw dropping moment in a fantastic annual tradition.

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Let’s take a look at some of the top performers from the mid-day slate of games.

5’9 2021 Clay Hodges: Carolina Riptide

Hodges doesn’t necessarily pass the eye test, but his physical gifts aren’t what make him a good prospect, it’s his intangibles and high IQ at the Point Guard position that creates opportunities for himself and others through patience and ball movement.  There were at least 5-10 possessions where Clay lulled the defense to sleep, allowing him the space and time to create an easy basket for his group.  He has a tendency to get frustrated at times with his opponent or the officiating, but he’s always engaged in the game to go with that relentless competitive fire.  He certainly has things to work on, but has established himself a great foundation for the rest of his High School and AAU career.

5’9 2023 Razavier Carter: Virginia RocStars

Carter possesses that dawg that so many talented players have yet to and probably won’t ever discover within themselves.  He’s a year younger than most of his teammates and competition, but that does nothing to his high level of confidence on the court.  Carter is always one step ahead of the defense, he just needs to develop physically… obviously, but it’s very clear the tools are there for him to succeed once he gets to high school and hopefully college.

5’10 2020 Jamael Carter Jr: Flight 22 Fayetteville/Freedom Christian

Carter possesses the uncanny ability to get hot from the perimeter at the Point Guard position to the point where defenses have to be aware of his range opening up the floor for the rest of Flight 22’s weapons.  The lost to a really really good Team Loaded NC 15U group, but Carter was one of the bright spots, he finished with 20 points and was looking to go for buckets all game long.  I’m really excited to see how he develops over the course of the next 2+ years.  I could see him having a breakout year at Freedom next season assuming he goes there.

6’7 2021 Noah Allred: Team Loaded NC

Allred made some waves at our NC Top 80 event a couple months ago and has since used that momentum he’s gained as a prospect as motivation to get better.  Allred looks incredible comfortable anywhere on the court using his combination of size and touch to score in a multitude of ways.  I love that he stays calm, cool, and collected at all moments, knowing his few limitations on the court while continuing to get better in most aspects of the game.  Defensively he can guard 4’s and 5’s unless they’re taller than 6’10, but the real question will be if he can start consistently guarding perimeter players.  Regardless Allred is here to stay, he’s a part of this next generation of #HoopState talent.

6’3 PoBoigh King: Team Loaded NC/Roanoke Rapids

On top of having the best name in the #HoopState he has the game to back it up.  PoBoigh is an ELITE mid-range scorer with a high motor to boot.  His defensive instincts are starting to really make a difference and his ability to go for quick buckets is instrumental to this team’s success.  His game still has tons of room to grow and it’s fairly obvious to anyone that watched him during high school season that he’s gotten significantly better in a matter of a few months.  I can’t wait to see his incredible name grow more and more throughout his high school career.