6’6 2019 Donte Johnson: Team Premier/Greene Central High School

Johnson is absolutely tough as nails and plays his heart out on just about every possession.  He does a great job finding a way to get rebounds on the offensive end leading to great scoring opportunities for himself and others to go with being an excellent finisher down low.  He’s a no doubt scholarship level talent that has the potential to be a flat out star at the D2 level.  Coaches looking for a high motor, athletic combo big need to watch him go!

6’0 2020 Isaac Sinclair: Team Stacked/Chapel Hill High School

Sinclair is one of the best distributors in the event and unlike most high level point guards he can still be effective without the ball in his hands all the time, whether it be him knocking down perimeter jumpers or swinging the ball and making the extra pass right away when he touches it, turning a good shot into a great shot.  He’s a really fun player to watch due to the charisma and swag he carries himself with.  I think he has a pretty good chance to end up a D1 player if he continues to improve as he’s shown he’s capable of.

6’2 2021 Elijah Thomas: NC Gators/Hillside High School

Thomas has a little bit of that bull city in him and it’s clear when you watch him play.  That city produces absolute dawgs and Thomas is no exception, he attacks the basket and finishes at the rim at the high level to go with being a really versatile backcourt defender.  He found a way to be productive in an efficient fashion which is rare for kids playing up an age group.  18 points with a 3/1 Ast/TO ratio for a true combo guard is always nice.  He’s definitely one for scholarship coaches to have on the radar as he gets older and develops even further.

6’2 2019 Dashaun Ballard: Guilford County Hawks/Page High School

Ballard is a high motor wing player that is incredibly productive on both ends of the court.  He plays tenacious defense and understands how to use his frame to guard players that might be taller, but might not want it as much as he does.  I have a ton of respect for players like Ballard that give it all on every possession on both ends of the court!  Offensively he’s extremely self-aware and knows what he does well and sticks to it, making him one of the more productive players in his 17U pool.

6’5 2019 Marquise Pierre: Royals Elite/Northside High School

Pierre is INSANELY productive!  He dominated his game against the JoCo All-Stars getting layup after layup after layup, ending up with a double double.  He’s definitely capable of playing at the next level with that productivity and defensive versatility.  Another great thing about Pierre is his intangibles as a teammate, he brings such positive energy even when he’s on the bench, clapping for his guys, communicating the defense, and just bringing good vibes to a team!