2023 6’2 Tremayne Parker (Fayetteville Flash) started off the game showing his athletic ability finishing at the rim using either hand. He has tremendous court vision and creates well for other teammates. He also has a smooth jump shot from 3 point land, leaving him hard to guard. Tremayne is definitely one of the top talents in the class of 2023 and plays with a lot of excitement.

2024 6’1 Will Fowler is definitely a coach’s dream point guard. He has a high motor and plays hard on both ends of the floor. He runs the offense flawless and sees the floor very well. He will find the open man and make the right play. He attacks the basket with aggression and finishes at the rim with contact. 

2024 6’3 Micah Gilbert (PSB Charlotte) strong athletic guard who plays down hill while attacking the basket. He has a good handle and can finish with either hand. Micah is a floor general and verbal leader. He leads by example on both ends of the floor. High motor guard who is very talented. One of the top guards in the class of 2024!!! 

2024 5’10 Austin Swartz (Charlotte Supreme) one of the smoothest players you will see play. He has a nice feel for the game. Plays with a lot of poise and always under control, never lets the defense speed him up. He took over the game from the very beginning with his smooth jump shot. This kid can really score the basketball from anywhere on the floor. Class of 2024 watch out because Austin Swartz is coming!! 

2024 6’0 Dillion Tingler (Garner Road WV) is a knock down shooter. He can really shoot it from deep. He also likes to put it on the floor and use his mid range game. Once he add some size to his frame he will be a player you will look forward to watching. 

2022 5’7 Kevin Odom (OTOD2022) is a very quick play making point guard. He is very shifty, has a nice touch around the basket, and sees the floor very good. His change of pace when dribbling the basketball is unmatched. Kevin plays with a lot of heart and do not shy away from contact. 

2025 6’6 Zymicah Wilkins (CLT 1) has great size with a physical presence in the paint. He has an high IQ for the game and runs the floor very well. His presence is being shown on the offensive and defensive end. He’s a rebounding machine!!