2030 Jayden Minniefield (Garner Road):

Minniefield is a young big man who really captured our attention with his play at the event. He brings good positional size at his age with a long wingspan and a solid foundation/understanding of the game as a rising big. Watching him operate on the court, he did a great job in keeping the ball high, really attacking the boards and creating second-chance opportunities, and finishing with touch around the basket.

2030 Damen Carey (Garner Road):

Carey, who was the teammate of Minniefield, was another big man who brought tremendous early size at his age. He has a physically mature frame at such a young age, really being a force down in the paint, finishing strong in the paint, and being assertive on the boards. With his blend of physicality, size, strength, and potential down in the paint, Carey should be a name to jot down and monitor in the coming years.

2030 MJ Thomas (Team Loaded):

Thomas was one that grabbed your attention with his size at his age, having a physically mature frame and big-time strength at his age.  Thomas was able to control the paint and be a force on both ends, whether it was blocking shots or being demanding on the boards, but also using that strong frame to fight through and finish tough around the basket. Thomas gave you flashes of what he could be, as well as being able to run well in transition.

2031 Reason Hobbs (Team CP3):

Hobbs, the younger brother of Daevin Hobbs at Tennessee and Ella Hobbs (Ohio State commit), seems to be following the family trend as a prospect that could be a force, no matter what he decides to ultimately do. Reason though has that football-type frame that allows him to bully opponents and finish strong in the paint. Hobbs is such a physical prospect at an early age, he simply can overpower his opponents and be a huge presence on both sides of the court.

2030 Presley Jones (CC Elite):

This may be the first time hearing about Jones, but when I watched him on the court I was extremely impressed with how he was able to handle himself and produce. He plays bigger than listed and when watching him, Jones had a tremendous understanding of how to be effective and make plays around the basket. He moves well, shows a nice burst in creating, is incredibly active, and just understands how to finish well around opponents.