A battle between two of the top teams around the state, Liberty Heights and Bull City Prep brought the smoke in this one.  Talent could be found anywhere and everywhere you look, as these teams were never able to really separate themselves in the first half.  LJ Thomas was tremendous in the first half, scoring 19 points. But Jonas Aidoo, one of the top prospects in the state, showed why scoring 12 points in the first half, along with others find their way into the boxscore.  Bull City Prep held the narrow lead at halftime 34-32.

It was much of the same in the second half, with both teams trading blows and the lead.  It came down to the end, tied at 69 between the two.  Liberty Heights took a 1-point lead on a free throw and Bull City had a chance at the end with a Bryce Harris jumper that just rattled out.  A late bucket by PJ Edwards helped seal the win at the end.

Aidoo finished with 13 second-half points, continuing to show his incredible talent as a big, while PJ Edwards was strong in both halves, hitting three’s, creating off the dribble and pulling up, and showing he can get it done on both ends, especially with what he did on the defensive end.

Final: Liberty Heights 73 – Bull City Prep National 69

Top Scorers:
Liberty Heights:
Jonas Aidoo 25 points
PJ Edwards 22 points
Isaac Farah 11 points

Bull City Prep:
Treyvon Byrd 23 points
LJ Thomas 19 points
Bryce Harris 11 points


2021 Jonas Aidoo (Liberty Heights): Aidoo was showing it all… the touch, a rim-protector, being disruptive in the lane, displaying his feel in the paint, and finishing so well around defenders.  He is a special prospect in the state of North Carolina and it is why so many schools are coming his way.  Add all that to his ability to stretch defenses with his ability to knock down shots… tough.

2022 LJ Thomas (Bull City Prep): Thomas is something special as a guard.  Wired to score, he did that really well in the first half, scoring on multiple levels and really carrying the team early.  He had to face foul trouble in the second half unfortunately but still played well.

2021 PJ Edwards (Liberty Heights): Edwards is such a tremendous compliment on this team, really showing his threat from the perimeter but also showing that he can create off the dribble and pull-up, play with a strong feel and frame, and can be an impact on the defensive end; a big impact defensively.

2022 Treyvon Byrd (Bull City Prep): Byrd is such a unique wing with the wingspan he plays with.  Love his motor and mentality to attack and stay aggressive, getting to the rim with tremendous bounce, showing tremendous body control, and scoring from the perimeter.  Looked good today with 23 points.