The final game of the night and the energy was still there… Combine and Moravian Prep back at it again to end the Phenom Tip-Off Classic.  A lot of bragging rights for this game!  Combine Academy came out strong with intensity and energy, getting out to an early double-digit lead and holding that through the first quarter.

Combine continued to bring that intensity on both ends of the floor, never letting up and playing with a chip on their shoulder tonight.  They continued their attack, never letting the pressure up against Moravian Prep.  For Moravian Prep, Anthony Sellars and Korey Richardson were two of the main contributors but overall, Moravian just couldn’t find the same success as they did on Day 1.

It stayed a 20+ point lead throughout the second half, as Combine knocked off Moravian Prep to end Day 2 of the Phenom Tip-Off Classic.

Final: Combine Academy 84 – Moravian Prep 54

Stat Leaders:

Combine Academy

– Robert Dillingham 15 points
– Michael Dudley 13 points
– Kris Robinson 10 points

Moravian Prep

– Anthony Sellars 12 points
– Korey Richardson 12 points
– Corneilous Williams 11 points


2021 Michael Dudley (Combine Academy): Dudley really set the tone early for Combine, showing his perimeter game but also his athleticism to run the floor and get to the rim.  He is a solid two-way player that can make an impact on both ends of the floor.

2023 Robert Dillingham (Combine Academy): As the coaches said, he is something different.  His wiggle and shake on the court, ability to change directions, and if you give him an inch, he will make you pay.  Dillingham gets the crowd on their feet and some of the tough plays he finishes is special.

2021 Anthony Sellars (Moravian Prep): Sellars is such an athletic prospect and you HAVE to get a body on him or he will put you on a poster.  His combination of timing and bounce, along with his aggressive nature to get to the rim, Sellars is a highlight waiting to happen, especially with how he slashes to the basket. But don’t forget his ability to be a perimeter threat as well.

2022 6’10 Corneilous Williams (Moravian Prep): Liked what Williams was able to bring with his quick bounce, long wingspan, and ability to finish at the rim.  He continues to develop his game but he uses his length really well on both ends, runs the floor, and is explosive.