6’11 2022 Patrick Wessler (Butler High School)

Already listed at 6’11, Wessler has the potential to be a true 7-footer by the time he’s finished with his high school career. His height and length as a rising sophomore are eye-opening, but his offensive polish combined with his size makes him a special prospect. Wessler can consistently hit post hooks with either hand, using his footwork and impressive feel for positioning to open up good looks in the paint. While he isn’t shooting jump shots at a high enough clip to fully determine his sharpshooting prowess, his form and rotation on the ball show enough promise to be excited about. Wessler should be on all D1 coaches radar as he continues to grow and develop.

6’7 2021 Noah Allred (Bishop McGuinness)

Rising junior forward Noah Allred has a very intriguing game as a playmaking stretch four. Although he may guard forwards on defense he possesses more of a guard’s skillset, creating a matchup problem for virtually any defender you put on him. He has the handle and jump shot to put opposing big men in uncomfortable guarding position and the size and strength to bully smaller guards down low. Allred does an excellent job stretching the floor for Bishop and should be a very big contributor this coming high school season.

6’1 2020 Andrew Schull (Chapmanville Regional)

As the starting point guard for Chapmanville Regional, Andrew Schull has shown excellent playmaking instincts in his ability to create open looks for himself and his teammates. On both his AAU team (The Renegades 17u) and his high school team, he has had the pleasure of playing with an athletic big man and has worked great with them in the pick and roll. He is a knockdown shooter with deep range and is comfortable shooting from almost anywhere on the floor. Schull plays his best basketball off the dribble and loves incorporating pullup jumpers into his game. His ability to score and act as a floor general at a high level suggests that his basketball career could very well extend beyond high school.

5’10 2022 Kory Davis (York Prep)

Kory Davis and his brother, Kendall Davis, are two very exciting guard prospects with many of the same strengths on the court. Both brothers stood out today and played excellent games, with Kory in particular putting on a scoring clinic and played great defense, leading York Prep to victory. He is very tough when attacking the basket and uses his body to finish strong through contact. He made a concerted effort to jump into passing lanes and it led to easy transition buckets for his team. Turning defense into offense was the story of this game and it started and finished with Kory. Both the Davis brothers will continue to make noise as they grow as players.

6’4 2020 Lane Harrill

Lane Harrill is a fluid offensive player with a well-rounded overall game. Harrill has 3 level scoring ability and can takeover from any of them throughout the course of the game. Harrill is a sniper from 3 point distance and is equally good in the mid range where he can step back or pull up on a dime. While his athleticism would not be considered elite, his lanky build allows him to utilize his length to finish around and above taller defenders. The swiss army knife nature of his game enables his teammates to play around him comfortably. Harrill is a tough prospect with a complete game, he should be getting looks from low D1 schools going into his senior year.