July is going to be fun, especially with Phenom Hoops.  That is why we are getting just a small head-start on the teams and players that will be in attendance for the Summer Havoc.  Here, we look to preview just a few names to watch for throughout the weekend in Rock Hill, with many others stepping up their game in front of college coaches.

Team United 2023

Size, on top of size, on top of size… Team United 2023 brings the heavy-hitters and players with a ton of size, which is something college coaches are always looking for.  Several of their players already hold big-time offers from around the country but all throughout the roster, there is talent to be found.

When you look at the roster, you certainly start with the big men on the inside as well as the size stepping outside.  For 2023 6’11 Brandon White, a lot has changed from when we first watched him two years ago, as White has been racking in the high-major offers from around the country.  Being regarded as one of the top centers in the country and still developing, White will be a key focus for college coaches on the baseline.  Then you get a rising forward that holds a few high-major offers but could certainly see an up-tick this summer with his play, as 2023 6’9 Donovan Raymond is a big that impacts the floor on both sides.

2023 Wesley Tubbs has quickly been rising up the rankings and the recruiting boards, as the 6’7 prospect has now entered the picture with high majors with his energy, versatility, and developing game.  2023 Jakel Powell is another rising talent in the state of North Carolina, as schools have to like the blend of size, athleticism, and scoring ability in his game.

Those are just a few names, while players like 2023 6’8 Aaron Hall (an athletic forward), 2023 6’6 Daevin Hobbs (a wing that can score in an array of ways), and 2023 6’5 Mayki Butler (another wing that has a great frame but can score from multiple levels), should all start attracting more eyes their way this summer, starting at the Summer Havoc.

When you look at the guards, Team United 2023 has three quick guards that can get downhill, score, and create for themselves, but also get their bigs involved.  2023 Xavier Tubbs, 2023 Chase Dawson, and 2023 Ollie Alston will all have the coaches talking with their play.

Team United 2023 though overall will have college coaches surrounding the court, looking at the future prospects at the next level.  Make sure you check them all out throughout the Summer Havoc in Rock Hill.