July is going to be fun, especially with Phenom Hoops. That is why we are getting just a small head-start on the teams and players that will be in attendance for the Summer Havoc. Here, we look to preview just a few names to watch for throughout the weekend in Rock Hill, with many others stepping up their game in front of college coaches.

Next Level SC

2022 6’9 Lawrence Bartee
Offers: Emory & Henry, Catawba
Whats has been said: “At a very long 6-foot-9, Bartee is a tough, steady, reliable two-way interior piece for this group. He showed the touch and ability to effectively operate from the block, strength, and athleticism to finish around/above the basket, and the necessary tools to step out and apply pressure as a floor-spacer. Bartee rebounds quite well and understands how to utilize his length to his advantage. He alters and blocks shots on a regular basis, runs the floor hard in transition, and simply maximizes his role on either end of the floor. Bartee has a clear archetype and would be an asset for various types of scholarship-level programs.”

2022 Jaden Hicklin
Offers: Francis Marion
What has been said: “The strong-bodied forward continues to be a menace in the paint. He’s strong enough to compete with the bigs, but also athletic enough to beat his man down the floor.”

2022 6’1 Omari Bryson
What has been said: “Bryson is more than capable of operating as a spot-up threat without the ball in his hands, but does a terrific job of setting the tone and dictating the overall offensive action. He also provides toughness, rebounding, and a useful defensive presence.”

2022 Jecari Bryson
What has been said: “He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect that has an excellent attitude and operates nicely within the team concept. Bryson was able to make plays around the basket and finished especially well when going left. He worked hard on defense and was able to secure numerous second-chance opportunities when pursuing rebounds and loose balls. Bryson showed the ability to play without the ball and run the floor properly in transition.”