July is going to be fun, especially with Phenom Hoops.  That is why we are getting just a small head-start on the teams and players that will be in attendance for the Summer Havoc.  Here, we look to preview just a few names to watch for throughout the weekend in Rock Hill, with many others stepping up their game in front of college coaches.

Team CP3 2023

Do you want to talk about a team that is absolutely LOADED on the floor, CP3 2023 has national-talent all over the court.  ESPN recently released their newest rankings for the Class of 2023 and CP3 has four players that were on that list.

2023 Robert Dillingham, 2023 GG Jackson, 2023 Jaylen Curry, and 2023 Aden Holloway were all listed in the Top 50 and all hold high-major offers from around the country.  All are terrific scorers on the floor; Dillingham is a combo guard that can score at will, when he wants and where he wants which is why he holds offers from several blue-bloods and others all around the country.

GG Jackson has been a hot target for college programs all around the country, adding high-major offers almost every day.  He recently has added big offers from North Carolina, Duke, Florida, and several others, as the forward brings a 6’9 frame and moves extremely well.

Jaylen Curry, a point guard with terrific speed in the open floor and a scoring playmaker, has been adding offers recently with his play down in Georgia, while Holloway can be a prolific scorer with tremendous handles.

Outside those four, then you look at a fast-rising prospect that should be walking away with several offers after this summer in 2023 Comeh Emuobor, as the 6’5 can really be a bully on the court.  2023 6’8 Addison Archer is a fluid forward that can be an impact on both offense and defense, and 2023 Ty Outlaw looks like a grown man on the court with his physicality and strength.

CP3 2023 will be another team that college coaches and fans should (and will) be lining up the baselines to watch all throughout the event in Rock Hill.