July is going to be fun, especially with Phenom Hoops.  That is why we are getting just a small head-start on the teams and players that will be in attendance for the Summer Havoc.  Here, we look to preview just a few names to watch for throughout the weekend in Rock Hill, with many others stepping up their game in front of college coaches.

Team CP3 2022

There is no doubt about it, Team CP3 2022 will have college coaches around the COUNTRY lining the baselines as they look to add some of the premier talents around the region to their program down the road.  Everywhere you look, you can find talent on the court.

When you start with the guards and shooters, you can start with 2022 Jaden Bradley who is one of the best point guards in the country.  Bradley’s skill set and feel for the game look NBA-bound, to go along with his size, his IQ, and his ability to take over a game but also get all his teammates involved.  Then you have a couple of shooters in 2022 Michael Zanoni and 2022 Donovan Atwell, both are regarded as one of the top shooters in the class in North Carolina and have quickly seen their recruitment take off.

2022 6’6 Anthony Sellars is a high flyer on the court, as the wing prospect is something special in the open floor and impacts that game in many ways.  2022 Kheni Briggs, who just announced he would be heading to South Carolina, comes back to join some of his teammates to show his improving game from inside and out, along with his strong frame. 

Then you look at some of the big boys, starting with one of the top prospects in the country in 2022 6’9 De’Ante Green.  He is an absolute matchup nightmare with his perimeter game as well as his versatility inside and out.  7-foot Christian Reeves has been racking in the offers now that he is consistently being on the floor and becoming even more assertive down low in the paint on both ends.  2022 Elijah Gray will certainly continue to capture the eyes of college coaches with his impressive versatility, his perimeter game, and ability to impact the court in so many ways; he is one of the better prospects that can stretch the floor and move for someone his size. Lastly, 2022 6’7 Amare Miller is a name some may not know but impressed during the LIVE Period.  Coming back from a knee injury, Miller is ready to show that he is back and can contribute to a college program.

All over the floor, the talent is special and college coaches will certainly be making this team a priority all throughout the event.  These are must-see players and some of the best around the country.