Hoop State Elite Rexrode U17 6’8″ Josiah Shackleford {2019} Ayden Grifton HS reminds me of his name sake Charles Shackleford {6’10” NC State – Kinston HS}. He is long, lanky and can run like a deer. Very active running paint to paint defending the rim hard and rebounding with a sense strong of urgency.' Post moves around the basket are solid with very nice footwork. When he develops his frame more physically he will be a more dominant player in the post position. Great upside as he has a high motor and doesn’t take a play off.

Hoop State Elite 2020 U16 has a compliment of players that play well together. However there were 2 that stood out – #11 Luke Stankavage 6’2″ Combo guard has it all, he is super quick with solid even-handed handles, sees the floor exceptionally well and passes with stealth like efficiency. Nice mid range to floater in the paint and will knock down crucial 3 pointers in big game situations.
In the post position is his inside/outside team mate #5 Raymond Boaz 6’7″ F/C who is an excellent passer from the post position as he rebounds well and starts the fast break with his adepth passes. Offensively he runs the pick and pop very well in that he has a consistent perimeter jump shot that ranges from elbow jumpers to deep three pointers.' Raymond runs the floor well and defends 1 – 5 positions from perimeter to post.
Spartanburg, SC Thunder U15 is a gritty team with some blue collar hard working players e.g. #51 Andrew Colasourdo 6′ who brings his lunch pale to go to work all over the court. Decent perimeter shot with good post play, but he hangs his hat on hustle and defense. As a floor leader he brings an intensity to his team that is contagious and drives his team mates.
#4 Cason Atkins is a 5’10” G with nice handles who goes straight North & South pushing the ball ahead leading the breaks. He is a promising perimeter shooter that is streaky but when he hits the first jumper 3 or 4 more will be forthcoming.
Team Denver, NC U17 is a great team to watch play basketball because they are well coached and respond to adversity with character which keeps them in position to win every game the compete in. Some stand out players are PG #12 Bryson Childress {2019 – N. Stanly HS} super quick with the ball and a head up all the time passer. He is a blaa hawk on defense and doesn’t back down on switches do to his small stature. Not afraid of the big moment to take the game winning shot and a fiesty leader much like his HC Bobby Lutz.
#5 6’1″ Cody Cline is a unique combo guard in that when he is hot he shoots lights out from the perimeter and on defense he is tenacious and will develop into a lock down defender. He shares some of the ball handling duties and leads his team by hard work and floor burns.
Team Xplosion Virginia 2019 U17 – has a complement of athletes who can play but 6’5″ swingman Christian Webb {2019 – Tennessee HS} has the potential to be a high level recruitable athlete with some polish and hard work. He has a strong dribble drive game and step back/side perimeter jumper.' He rebounds well to start the fast break and defends all five positions well.
6’2″ Christopher Shepherd {2019 – William Fleming HS} is the glue guy for this team in that he is a utility player who does it all and with a sense of urgency which fits his leadership style and physical attributes. High motor high energy guy on both ends of the court.' Good complimentary team player who can fit in any system.
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