6’1 2020 Jake Ledbetter: NC Spartans East

Ledbetter is an incredibly smooth operator when on the ball and lethal off the catch when he’s off of it.  He plays the game with a cerebral approach, never wavering from his calm approach.  He plays the game with flare, showing the ability to really heat up from beyond the arc.  Ledbetter consistently makes the right reads when initiating the offense and has the ability to pull up from 30 feet out and make you pay.  He plays the game with a swag and in my opinion is more than deserving of scholarship offers. 

6’0 2020 Anthony Allen: DTA Elite

Allen is wired to score, he plays the game with a ton of passion and flare.  His ability to get a bucket at any point in time is incredibly value to both DTA Elite and Independence High School.  His defensive intensity sets the tone for every other aspect of his game.  With backcourt mate Trevon Williams hampered with a hip injury, Allen took over a huge scoring load and found a way to do it in an efficient fashion.  Allen has seen his profile as a prospect grow in recent weeks, accumulating a few offers, that should continue here as he continues to impress in front of a bevy of coaches. 

6’7 2021 Terrance Johnson: Team Loaded 704

Johnson is an incredibly exciting prospect with his explosiveness, rapidly improving perimeter game, and defensive versatility.  He just transferred from Myers Park over to Moravian Prep and has seen his skillset take a huge jump.  He went from a questionable shooter to a reliable one, his face-up bag of tricks is coming along nicely, and he’s showing flashes of ball skills, attacking close-outs, getting downhill, and defends nearly every position on the court.  Johnson is a no-brainer D1 prospect and I’m really excited to see where his development goes from here.

6’4 2021 Luc-Richard Rameau: NC Go Hard

Rameau is one of those kids that simply understands how to apply his strengths and leave his imprint on a game in a multitude of ways.  He has a smooth mid-range game that he utilizes extremely well, using his strength and savviness to create space for that shot.  He’s a stocky wing that does a really nice job leading the team with his communication skills.  He’s a coach on the floor, constantly getting his guys in the right spot, ensuring his guys will have the best chance to win. 

6’4 2019 Colin Davis: NC Go Hard

Davis is one of those kids that doesn’t have any traits that blow you away individually, but how well rounded he is as a player makes you intrigued with how he impacts the game on a possession by possession basis.  He defends the point of attack with passion, scores it from every level, and does whatever is needed of him by the team.  He fits into different spots within the lineup, and plays the game with a great approach.  Schools looking for a late addition that can do a multitude of things on both ends of the floor, look no further than Davis. 

6’5 2020 Travon Jackson: Fayetteville Elite

Jackson is an energy guy that scholarship coaches should be all over.  His ability to play above the rim, rebound, defend multiple positions, and do the dirty work is incredibly valuable to this Fayetteville Elite squad.  He plays the game with a ton of heart, constantly working to give his team an advantage in the energy department.  He has a place within any rotation with his willingness to do the little things over the course of the game, his ball skills are showing incredible signs of improvement, and with continued development can become a really productive kid at the next level.

5’10 2020 Jamael Carter: Fayetteville Elite

Carter does an incredible job running this Fayetteville Elite squad, and a lot of why the offense is so open is due to the defense being forced to respect his deep range.  Carter can drill shots from 30 feet out pretty consistently, putting a lot of pressure on the opposition every possession down the court.  His ability to work with ball screens is his best asset on the offensive end outside of his shooting, giving him the ability to be a true maestro within the offense.  A next level prospect. 

6’3 2020 Kalib Matthews: Royal Knights

Matthews has a really special combination of silkiness and pop, his ability to operate within the offense and use his smooth catch and shoot stroke, while also putting it on your head every so often.  He plays the game in an efficient fashion, and the scholarship coaches are noticing in a major way.  His stock improved this weekend in a major way.

6’0 2019 David Murphy: NC Empire

Give this man a scholarship already, Murphy is an automatic bucket, a full qualifier, and a high level competitor.  He’s constantly getting bucket after bucket from every level.  He gets lose with a couple of moves and steps into his pull-up J with a ton of confidence, I love that he plays with a swagger, imposing his will on the opposition.  Murphy should see scholarship coaches in need of a late addition calling his name soon, but regardless, he’s gonna find his way to the next level. 

6’4 2020 Harold Johnson Jr: Upward Stars Columbia Joye

Johnson is a really exciting prospect due to his athleticism, shooting touch, ability to get under the opponents skin, and attention to detail.  He does a great job fighting for positioning when rebounding, and doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be productive.  He’s a no brainer scholarship kid that should deserve some D1 interest as well. 

6’0 2021 Ben Hines: Garner Road Whitley

Hines went absolutely nuts in the last game of the day, pouring in 31 points on a barrage of 3 pointers.  He showed that he can attack close outs comfortably, hitting little runners and pull-ups to show he’s more than just a marksmen from deep.  He knows how to move without the ball and is extremely coachable.  He should have a big year at Garner next year where he’ll see his profile as a prospect grow even more if he continues to work and produce which I’m sure he will.

6’2 2021 Mike Best Jr: Garner Road Whitley

Best is the straw that stirs the drink for this G-Road Whitley squad.  He runs the offense, distributes the ball, and also possesses game takeover ability with his scoring.  He’s a willing slasher that makes life hell for the man that’s guarding him, applying constant pressure and playing a productive brand of basketball.  He has the potential to be an impact on ball defender, and shows flashes of being a pure ball stopper.  As he continues to round out his skillset, expect Best to pick up interest from Scholarship coaches in the coming year or so. 

6’2 2020 Lee Langstaff: Team Swish

Every time I looked up it seemed like Langstaff was getting a bucket, and when I looked at the scoresheet post-game it confirmed my speculation that Langstaff was a walking 20 piece all weekend long.  He cannot be contained 1v1, and now that his jumper is falling with some consistency he’s virtually unguardable.  Every D2 school in attendance that needs a lead guard in the 2020 class should be looking closely at Langstaff, and to top his production off, he’s an incredible kid that simply understands what it takes to be an impact guy and lead a team.