5’11 2022 Jerec Thompson: Mid-State Magic (NC)

Thompson showed the ability to be an elite perimeter marksmen once again after draining 9 3s in the early game today.  His ability to consistently apply pressure to the opposition with the fact that he’s a threat to pull it from 30 feet out every single time down the court.  He does an incredible job moving without the ball, finding crevices in the defense and letting it fly off the catch.  Thompson never forces the issue, he’s constantly making the right decision with the ball, and does more than just hold his own at the defensive end.  Thompson is the straw that stirs the drink on a pretty talented Mid State Magic 15U squad.  He’s an incredibly consistent performer that should continue to see his stock rise as long as he continues to develop.

6’5 2022 Luke Bracey: Upward Stars York County (SC)

Bracey is a name that the Phenom Staff is very familiar with, he’s been playing productive varsity high school basketball since he was in the 8th grade and his trajectory as a prospect has honestly never been better.  He continues grow in height and skillset, Bracey is evolving into more of a true combo forward than a post player with his newfound confidence creating offense facing up, and shooting from beyond the arc.  He has a handful of reliable moves on the block including a spin-move that’s virtually unstoppable.  Bracey will have a decision to make on whether it’s basketball or football at the next level, but it looks like he’s in good hands either way.

6’4 2022 Elijah Huffman: Team Wall SE (SC)

Huffman is a really high level rebounder for his size, imposing his will an dominating the offensive glass throughout the contest.  He showed the ability to create his own offense with his back to the basket or slashing from the wing and with increased patience down low he can become a dominant scorer down there.  With game-changing rebounding ability, Huffman has the potential to dominate once he refines his offensive skillset a little bit more, but regardless there’s a lot to like here with his level of productivity/motor.

6’1 2022 Omari McGregor: Blacktop Kings Elite (VA)

McGregor is one of the better pure scorers I’ve seen thus far today, really capitalizing in transition.  He’s a natural 2-guard that does a nice job getting his buckets within the framework of the offense, not forcing the issue, and maintaining a high level of resolve when attacking.  He’s a go-to option for this team and should continue to see his level of productivity translate to the high school level.  College coaches should definitely track McGregor moving forward as a no extra stuff bucket getter that simply gets the job done.

6’3 2020 Noah Hooper: SCBA (NC)

Hooper is a strong bodied undersized wing that shot the absolute cover off the ball throughout the entire contest in their first game of the day.  His ability to have an inside/outside presence on the wing is vital to what this SCBA team does.  He provides a consistent and efficient scoring punch that opens everything up for the rest of the offense, knowing they have a reliable scoring threat on the wing or the block with Hooper.  He’s a part of a really successful High School program at Charlotte Catholic, I totally expect him to play a big role there this year.

5’11 2022 Andrew Cook: CC Elite 2022 (NC)

Cook won MVP in the first game of the day due to his excellent two way performance.  He defended the point of attack really well showing good lateral quickness and defensive instincts.  Offensively he was able to show proficiency both on and off the ball, using his shooting touch to stretch the defense and his decision making to make the right read with the ball.  Cook should be a contributor at Weddington next year and we can see his development progress even further from there.